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Business plan

It is not mandatory to write a business plan, but it will help you to examine whether your plans are feasible. You determine your target audience and it gives you insight into the competition. If you are not writing a business plan, a feasibility study is a good alternative.

Want to know what the competition in your region looks like? Then use the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Desk.


Market research helps you map out what the market looks like and whether your service is needed. With a marketing plan, you then decide how to bring your product or service to the attention of your target audience. Findability online is important. Customers choose a security company because of their expertise, experience and the reviews of others. What you show on your website and social media therefore influences the customer’s choice. Choose the social media channel that your target audience can be found on. Online business toolkit will help you with this.

Stef Schilpzand has a website. He is also active on LinkedIn so he can clearly indicate who he is in the business market. “Not everyone can and must call themselves a security company. You must have the correct diplomas to apply for mandatory permits. In addition, expertise in a specific area is important. Are you an all-round security guard or specialist in, for example, catering or event security, personal security or general security. ” You can take additional training to include new developments in your work in your offer. Communicate this newly acquired knowledge and experience via social media.

Schilpzand advises starters to work on a large customer base. “If you’re too dependent on 1 or 2 major customers, you’ll lose your job if a large order is lost.” In addition, a good network is important according to the security guard. “Many tasks are too big to perform alone. The collaboration with other freelancers is important to be able to change quickly in case of sudden tasks.”


Determining the right rate can be difficult. Especially if you are just starting out and have some experience. A rate that is too high can scare customers, a rate that is too low makes customers doubt the quality of your services. What is the right rate for you depends on your business expenses, taxes, desired income and number of jobs. This calculation tool will help you determine your rate. Certain circumstances such as irregular shifts or the nature of the work may affect the hourly rate.

Schilpzand explains: “Look at your competitors and what prices they charge. It is important to include business costs and rates when calculating your rate. If you have proven yourself and deliver quality, you can negotiate a higher price with your customer. “

Working part time

More and more starters run part-time businesses to, for example, maintain the security of an income from employment and insurance. Keep in mind that you are more limited in your time if you work with your company as an employee. Especially in your industry, because as a security guard you work at different times. Good communication is important to combine your job and your own business. Especially with regard to your employer. For example, check if he allows entrepreneurship next to your job.

“As a security guard, you have to be flexible,” Schipzand says. “Day, evening and night shifts and working in different places made me start my shift business full time. That way, I am often available to my customers. It depends on the types of tasks you undertake. For example, security, in the hotel industry or events, is often on the weekends. Then a permanent job during the week is easy to combine with entrepreneurship. ”

Educational requirements

To be active in the security industry, you must meet training requirements. Security guards must have a security guard diploma from the Stichting Vakexamens for the private security organizations. The security industry has various professions, such as catering porters, store security guards, personal security officers, event security officers and emergency operators. For all these professions, different educational requirements apply.

“The more specific training you take, the more versatile you are as a security guard,” Schilpzand adds. “If you do your job well, you will notice that customers trust you more. You have to be responsible for events, for example. More specific courses are, for example, ISPS, BHV, VCA, High Risk Flight Agent (airport) or personal security officer. “diplomas, your personal presentation is also important. Often you are the first person people meet when they enter. You are not only a security guard, you are also a host.”

If you do not have a diploma, Justis may exceptionally grant any exemption from the education requirement. In order to obtain a dispensation, you as a (permanent) security guard must prove that you have done everything to obtain the diploma and that you have enough knowledge and experience to carry out the work.

Laws, rules and permits

The Law on Private Security Organizations and Criminal Investigation Authorities (Wpbr) lays down the legal basis for all security activities. It means:

  1. To get started as a private security company you need a permit. You can request this from Justis. This is also known as a Wpbr application. After your application has been approved by Justis, you will receive a Dutch service number (ND number). A self-employed person with an ND permit can independently take on tasks at his company. You are free to make agreements with the customer, determine your own tariff and organize things independently. You will then have your own identity card (security card) in your own company name. If a major security company hires you, you will work under that company’s ND number.
  2. You run your own business and the people it employs. You need a ‘Permission from Managers’ for that. You can request this at the same time as the permission from Justis.
  3. If you plan to hire staff, obtain permission from the Chief of Police for each employee.
  4. If you want to use a dog for your work, you must have a statement showing that the dog is suitable as a surveillance dog or object security dog, e.g. This can be done at the Royal Dutch Police Dog Association or the Dutch Service Dog Association.
  5. If you perform safety work, you must wear an approved uniform. At least it bears the familiar V sign as an emblem. Justice must approve this uniform. In the case of personal or shop security, it is possible to request a dispensation for this from the chief of police. Handcuffs are not allowed or you must ask permission from Justice.

Schilpzand advises: “Start applying for permits in time. It will easily take you 3 months. ”


Many novice security guards are employed by larger companies. You do not have to look for a location yourself. Starting from home is then an option. Before you renovate your home or advertise at home, you must apply for a permit from the municipality via an environmental permit. Also check in advance with the municipality what conditions apply to receive customers in the home.

Schilpzand explains: “Justice screens the applicant for a permit. For example, you get a home visit where they check if you have your own clothes and a logo. You should also ensure the safe storage of your belongings. This includes your laptop and customer data. “

You can also rent business premises for your work. This can be done, for example, in a multi-company building. Also check if your activities correspond to the zoning plan for the municipality where the property is located. Then report your activities to the municipality.


If you are starting your own business, you need to keep accounts. You can take care of your financial administration yourself or outsource it to an accountant or auditor. They organize your accounts optimally, assist you with advice and are aware of various deductions and tax benefits. A good accountant or accountant often pays for himself.

It is advisable to have a separate business account for your business. That way, you keep track of your purchases and sales. A company account is not mandatory: read all about meaning and nonsense in a company account.

Report special situations

As a security guard, you must also deal with a mandatory administration of special situations that you encounter, such as a broken door or an alarm that has gone off. In a report, you describe all the details of an incident in understandable language. The report is intended for the person most responsible and can serve as evidence in the event of a lawsuit.


When you start your own business, you have to deal with taxes. For example, there is the monthly VAT return. You give the tax authorities the VAT you have charged your customers. You can deduct the VAT you have paid to your suppliers from this amount. You charge 21% VAT for security work.

Check if the small business scheme (KOR) is interesting to you. You do not have to charge VAT on your services. You can use it if your annual turnover excluding VAT is less than 20,000 euros and if the tax authorities see you as an entrepreneur for VAT.

In addition to your VAT return, you must file a tax return once a year. You pay this tax on your profits. The IRS specifically calculates the amount of your income tax, and this increases if you earn more. It is important to reserve money for this so that you can pay the amount in the year you submit the tax return.


Most of the incipient security guards choose the legal form of sole proprietorship. With the legal form, you are the only one who is responsible and liable for the company.
Freelance or self-employed is not a legal form, but a term that indicates that you work self-employed without employment.

A frequently asked question by the Chamber of Commerce’s Advisory Team is whether you are an entrepreneur as a security guard with only 1 client. If you have private clients, it’s pretty obvious that you’re an entrepreneur. But what if a security company hires you? Then it is important to avoid the appearance of paid employment. Especially if it’s a task for a long time and it’s your only customer. You and your client must then show the tax authorities what kind of employment relationship you have. This is regulated in the DBA Act. If you are sure you are not working in hidden pay and there is a builder and a contractor, you can record this with a modeling agreement. With such an agreement, you rule out a possible employment relationship. You will find model agreements for different sectors at Skat.

Hedging of risks

You are responsible for what happens in your business. You can take out insurance for risks that you do not want or can not bear. Occupational liability insurance protects you, for example, if you accidentally cause injury while performing your work. Map out the risks you are running and ask for advice from an insurance adviser. Schilpzand adds: “Customers often require liability insurance when entering into an agreement.”

Working out general terms and conditions is not mandatory but you can avoid a lot of hassle with it. Your general terms and conditions state what rules you use when doing business. You can fall back on it if there is ambiguity around your services. Schilpzand confirms: “I have included in my terms and conditions that I can declare a minimum of 4 hours for each job.”

Industry organizations

An industry association looks after the interests of the affiliated members. They share their knowledge by informing about, for example, hiring staff, product and method development and general terms. In addition, they offer their members legal advice, tariff advice, tax advice and group insurance. The following industry associations are active in the Netherlands:

Customers may have a preference for membership of an industry association for quality brands. Your membership may therefore affect the final choice of the customer to hire you.

General starter information

In addition to the above topics, you as a starter must also deal with:

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