Moon Voice 22 is Simaudio’s first speaker

Simaudio, the Canadian manufacturer behind the Moon sound brand, has announced its first speaker called Voice 22. Voice 22 is a two-way monitor speaker that, according to the manufacturer, benefits from Simaudio’s industry-leading technology and premium materials. The fronts are covered with fabric and attached magnetically. Buyer can choose between a high gloss white or black version.

Moon Voice 22: bidirectional monitor speaker


The Canadian sound brand Moon is best known for its amplifiers and DA converters. The company has been using its experience for more than forty years to build a speaker to give Moon its own voice. Moon says the new Voice 22 strives for transparency and realism.

The cabinet’s design has a modern look with a classic twist, reportedly reminiscent of Simaudio’s beginnings in 1980. However, the traditional styling hides modern technology such as the patent-pending CGD (Curved Groove Damping) for control panel resonances from the speaker. The mechanical properties of the housing are designed to be free of vibrations that can color the sound. Strategically placed braces improve stiffness, and a groove filled with shock-absorbing material runs through the interior walls. This makes the lengths between the edges different at each point on the surface, which limits the panel resonance and improves the sound. In addition, the bass expansion and definition promise to be extremely impressive and enjoyable, especially for such a compact speaker, according to the manufacturer’s statement.

The housing measures 35 x 20 x 29 centimeters (H x W x D), and Voice 22 weighs more than ten kilos each. The subwoofer has a diameter of 15 millimeters and is equipped with a die-cast aluminum basket and a mineral-filled polypropylene cone. The rubber circumference provides better transient response, and the elongated copper sleeve on the pole piece of the motor structure provides lower inductance and distortion. The spool is made of copper-clad aluminum wire to reduce moving mass.

The 29 millimeter diameter soft-dome tweeter uses a saturation-controlled motor system for reduced distortion and a non-reflective rear chamber with optimized attenuation. According to Simaudio, it provides better dynamics. The mechanical structure operates without a typical faceplate and is integrated into a custom waveguide, allowing for a wider frequency range and lower crossover frequency.

To ensure that both drivers work together, a crossover on a two-layer circuit board is designed with high-quality metallized polypropylene film capacitors for optimal sound quality and long-term reliability. The crossover has a slope of 12 dB per. octave (second order). The crossover frequency is 1.5 kHz. In combination with the waveguide controlling the spread, this should result in a good cooperation between the drivers to make the transition less noticeable. The alleged frequency response is 55 Hz to 24 kHz (± 3dB). At level -6 dB it is 45 Hz to 30 kHz. The moon gives a sensitivity of 89 dB (2.83 Volts / 1 meter).

According to Moon, the new Voice 22 is the perfect partner for Moon Ace and all amplifiers from 200- and the 300 series. Of course, amplifiers from other manufacturers can also be used.

Voice 22 can be placed on any solid surface with its unique integrated Hover Base or on a custom-made stand that is available as an option. Hover Base is designed to provide stability and reduce vibration. It also gives the speaker an elegant and floating look.

Moon Voice 22: price and delivery information

Moon’s Voice 22 is available in a high-gloss black or white finish and comes with matching fabric-coated magnetically attachable grilles. They are sold for an amount of 3,000 euros per. couple. The optional racks cost 480 euros per. couple.

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