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  • Please read the information below before starting the online application
  • Make sure you have a PDF version of the required documents (diploma and grade list)
  • When you start the online application, it means that you agree to the entry requirements

Please read the information below before starting the online application

  • Remember deadline. The application must be submitted before the deadline.
  • You are submitting an application for one Academy yearnot in a semester
  • You are obliged to add a scan of your diploma and associated points list (in PDF format)
  • An application is submitted on an individual basis, each applicant is assigned a record number
  • It takes an average of 3 to 4 months after receipt of your application before a result about your registration application can be communicated

Launch the online application

Submission of an application for registration at Ghent University is available

Start the online registration request

Add documents

  1. Legalized copy of your basic diploma and included points list / diploma supplement† If you have not yet completed your training, you will find more information about the documents to be submitted below.
  2. sworn translation in Dutch, French, German or English (if the document is in another language)
  3. if you still no university studies did and you saw one application for a bachelor’s degree In that case, the completed “Declaration” must be attached. This document confirms that your basic diploma in your home country also gives access to university studies. If you were already enrolled in a university, you must submit a registration certificate.
  4. Copy of your identity card or passport

  5. Diploma supplement or equivalent document: This is an overview of all subjects taken, with the result obtained and the number of training periods. If your university does not issue a diploma supplement, you must include the official study program (syllabus), which describes the content of the courses. If a web page for the official course description is available, it can also be added. If you have already added the diploma supplement to the history, you do not need to add it a second time.

  6. Are you a recognized refugee? Then you officially submit proof of this

  7. Language certificate Dutch / English (if already available): depending on the language of instruction in the study program you are applying for

  8. Chinese students? You may need to submit an APS certificate. More information in English at


After you submit your application, it may take approx three months take time before the result is known. Therefore, there are certain deadlines

Requests cannot be processed if a legalized copy of the basic certificate and / or other necessary documents is missing

It is always possible that the International Admissions Desk asks you to submit your original documents: during the application procedure or upon registration. Keep the original documents handy!

Application from 1 March for a Dutch-language study program for the coming academic year:

This is only possible if you you do not need to apply for a visa and if you already meet the language requirements of the education. Please contact International Admissions Desk –

From 1 June, it is no longer possible to start an application for registration as an international student.

You are not fully educated yet?

You can already start the application procedure and submit your application before the deadline. You do not have to wait until you have completed your education† Instead of the legalized diploma and point list or diploma supplement, the following documents must be submitted before the deadline:

  • Declaration from your university / college confirming that you want to graduate. The official name of the diploma and the expected date of graduation must appear on the declaration.
  • Latest points list with the courses you have already taken the exam for.

The institution can send this directly to stating your full name and your file number in the subject.

If the file test is positive, you have been accepted by Ghent University and you will receive a letter of admission. The admission letter will state that you upon registration must submit a legalized copy of your credentials.

is can not register if you can not present the legalized diploma no later than registration.

File research (behind the scenes)

  • The International Admissions Desk – Department of Student Administration and Study Programs (IAD) will investigate whether you meet the general admission requirements and whether you have submitted the necessary documents
  • Your application file will be sent to the relevant faculty. The case is reviewed in more detail at the faculty, and there it will be assessed whether your diploma is sufficient, and you therefore have relevant prior knowledge in the field. The faculty will therefore check whether you can be admitted to the study or not.
  • The faculty formulates a recommendation and informs the IAD about it.
  • IAD will make this decision for you. When you are admitted, you will receive one letter of admission received, signed by the head of the Study Administration and the Programs

Admission letter

If you have successfully completed the entire application procedure, you will receive a letter of admission. With this letter you can:

Attention: applying for academic admission and applying for a scholarship / study scholarship are not the same thing. Submitting an application for a scholarship does not mean that Ghent University has also received an application for academic admission. If you have been awarded a scholarship, it does not necessarily mean that you can be admitted to Ghent University as a student.

The admission letter will contain the following information:

  • personal data and file number (reference)
  • the education you are admitted to and the organizing faculty
  • the academic year in which you were admitted (not to a PhD)
  • where you can sign up and what documents you need to submit


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