Tasmanian organic apple grower prepares for the introduction of a new variety for next season

An organic apple grower from Tasmania is looking forward to bringing a new variety to the Australian market next year.

R&R Smith holds the commercial license for a variety from Belgium called Kizuri (marketed as Morgana in Europe). Marketing and Communications Manager Jessica Calvert says the company is currently working on a name for the Australian market and will showcase the name and brand later this year.

“We are leading the development, cultivation and marketing of this new variety with support from the Woolworths Organic Growth Fund,” she said. “This is a large-scale, long-term process that will see more than 300,000 trees planted between now and 2028. The apple is large, crisp, juicy and has amazing durability.”

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The company currently grows a variety of apples, including: Royal Gala (available year-round), Fuji (available March-September), Pink Lady (available April-November) and Jazz In Conversion (available August-December). Breeder and CEO Andrew Smith admits Tasmania has had a challenging year for top fruit growing, especially under a certified organic management plan.

“Spring rains were consistent from October flowering to late December, followed by a long drought and a late fall closure,” Smith said. “There was also some hail damage in the Huon Valley, which decimated a handful of growers. We look forward to a more normal weather pattern in 2022/23. The yield is strong and we will harvest over 3,000 tonnes of fruit from our own orchards this season. Customers can find our apples from independent retailers such as Harris Farm in NSW and Hill Street Grocers in Tasmania.We supply to national wholesalers.We also have a long lasting relationship with Woolworths supplying this large supermarket under their premium organic Macro brand since 2006 Woolworths stocks a range of R&R Smith Organic apples in our compostable packaging. “

The packaging, which is fully compostable at home

R&R Smith is a fourth generation Tasmanian breeder and, according to Smith, is an important part of the company’s vision to develop and adapt to ever-changing markets, with an ethos of continuous improvement. The company has been certified organic since 1998 and switched over 20 years ago to drive growth in the category.

“We do not use conventional products to control pests and diseases and are constantly working to improve the health of the soil and trees to maximize the quality of our fruit and reduce our impact on the environment,” he explains.

“Organic horticulture is a holistic approach to horticulture that sees the health of the soil, the trees and the people involved as one continuous system.

“We are Nasaa (National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia) certified organic. We believe in the key principles of organic horticulture, including the principles of ecology, justice, care and health. We are also committed to creating Australia’s first organic apple orchard using 100% certified compostable packaging, which we have just introduced this month. “

He added that the demand for certified organic products continues to grow as consumers place increasing emphasis on health and knowing where their food comes from.

We continue to grow our business based on demand, “said Smith.” We also believe our customers want sustainable alternatives to disposable plastic, and we are extremely proud to have pre-packaged the first fully home-compostable packaging so we can introduce fruits . Tipa provided the best solution for our products, we chose Tipa because of its high regulatory certifications that guarantee authenticity and food-safe processing from the orchard to the consumer. “

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