Kantar acquires Blackwood Seven, accelerates marketing ROI Technology Roadmap

Kantar announces today that they have entered into a final agreement to acquire Blackwood Seven, the marketing measurement and optimization company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of April. The move cements Kantar’s position as an industry leader in measuring marketing ROI, a market estimated at $ 3 billion in 2024 (17% CAGR)1), and accelerates the company’s plans to provide its global customers with a Unified Marketing Measurement solution. Operationally, the Blackwood Seven team will join the Kantars Analytics Practice led by Chris Petranto. Today’s announcement is Kantar’s sixth acquisition since Bain Capital acquired a majority stake in the company in December 2019.

Marketing efficiency and planning optimization with AI technology

Blackwood Seven was founded in 2013 by Henrik Hasselbalch Busch, Thomas Bertelsen and former CEO Carl Erik Kjærsgaard and is a leading provider of marketing efficiency and planning solutions. They deliver highly scalable, AI-powered, cookie-free unified marketing metrics globally. Their advanced analytics provide highly detailed insights into marketing ROI, enabling marketers to optimize their investments and predict business results. Powered by the Hamilton.AI platform, which continuously learns from the results of past media investments, their solutions model a range of scenarios to create future media plans down to the individual publisher level. Advanced modeling, which takes into account synergies between channels, macroeconomic factors and competitor activities, enables marketers to make more informed decisions. The constant input of new data also facilitates real-time planning and in-flight optimization of the campaigns.

Ted Prince, Chief Product Officer at Kantarsaid of the acquisition: “Kantar’s excellent track record in ROI analysis has been significantly improved by the addition of Blackwood Seven’s technology solution. Customers such as Honda, Suncorp and Telenor are already using this solution for budgeting, competition analysis, reducing customer acquisition costs, measurement of brand equity and churn minimization. With this move, Kantar’s customers around the world will have access to the more detailed analysis it provides, in addition to the strategic guidance we are known for. “

Prince continues: “Today’s marketers need a solution that brings together insights into both strategic and tactical / in-flight decision-making, and that is future-proof for the abolition of cookies and privacy laws. We see this as an incentive to market ROI budgets for Unified Marketing Measurement solutions in the future. Blackwood Seven’s unique AI-powered product is a leader in this field. The team has an impressive track record of winning and retaining customers. We’re excited to welcome them to our Analytics practice. “

Henrik Hasselbalch Busch, CEO of Blackwood Sevenadded: “Blackwood Seven’s solution provides marketers with a way to more accurately and deeply measure the impact of their marketing investments and meet the need for a solution that supports both strategic and tactical decisions. Kantar is in a unique position to scale its offerings and allow more companies around the world to take advantage of its many applications. “

The commercial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

1) Forrester Forecast, 1st Quarter 2022

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