Mossy Giant breaks through IJmuiden – Jutter’s rawness

IJmuiden – “A real giant living in a small coastal town in Holland”, is the introduction written in English on the graphic designer and illustrator Mossy Giant’s website. Velsen, of course, knows him as Pietertje van Tongeren, although it soon became clear that he would exceed his father Pieter in the long run. After a career as a professional basketball player at Evansville Purple Aces in Indiana (USA), Pieter returned to what he calls his hometown in 2012, even though he previously thought he would always stay in America. Love, of course, and the fact that he did not get a work permit. ,, No, Velsen is not too limited, I create my own world and can go anywhere. ” IJmuiden now has a cheerful and happy work of art richer in the Street Art that he created for Gerard and Elly Schol. And there is nothing raw about that at all.

By Ingeborg Baumann

The Mossy Giant, roughly translated ‘the Moss Giant’, made a mural of a VW Beetle controlled by a fictitious flower. Completely in the style of Pieter, who has an almost neurotic fascination for detailed line work and stories in stories. This means that you keep on leading and discovering something new every time. It is therefore also advisable not to drive or cycle past, because then you are guaranteed to be distracted. Take a closer look and get lost in the details. Recognizable to ‘old hippies’, who will always remain in the heart of a certain age group, but much of today. Pieter: ,, Plants and trees are always the inspiration. In this work, nature is under its own control. Put nature back in the driver’s seat.” Because man, the fungus, the beast, the machine, the plant and the planet and finding a happy balance between them is what he is looking for in his works and in the world.

I have a wall

Gerard Schol is an artist and musician, and he and his wife Elly are big fans of Street Art. They were brave enough to say: “I have a wall you can paint, what would you like to do as an artist?” Pieter admits: “Quite outside my comfort zone, I work best in my own studio in Port area. A work of this size is also difficult, it is so inflated that one has to use other techniques. You also no longer see where you are on the drawing, so I used an old lattice technique. Then you can roughly see what you are doing. And of course you also have to deal with the weather, when I started it just started to snow. I painted with latex, of course from Rigo, because local entrepreneurs need support, and Rigo is amazing! ”

hope and joy

The goal of the artwork is to bring joy, color and hope to IJmuiden. ,, For that is what IJmuiden is too. A colorful society, not just raw and steel and fish. Of course, I took into account the people who see the work and whether or not it would look out of place in the neighborhood you are dealing with public space. IJmuiden is a great place, but could literally use a little color. The people in the neighborhood were curious: “What is going to happen here again?” But in the twelve days that the painting came to life, it changed for the better. And I wanted to. It’s nice to see people reacting spontaneously. “


,, As an artist, I have been able to take matters into my own hands and so well that there is room for this. People like when something is created, it turns out. By the way, I’m glad to be back here after so many years in the United States. I have arranged my life in such a way that I can live as an artist. Fortunately, I have enough assignments, from all over the world. Because it’s just work, I can not sit down and wait for inspiration. And by the way, I want to first and foremost be a good husband to Mette (Stam) and father to daughter Lea (button 4) and only then be a good artist. After six years of basketball, my heart was no longer in it, I was tired of top sports life. As a minor under my scholarship, I had graphic design and art was and is a matter of course in our home. My mother Ada Leenheer is also an artist. Such a work of art on a wall in your hometown is of course amazing, I am as happy as a child. What do you think such a thing does to your artist ego to see your work so great! I hope IJmuiden is proud of it and gets a lot of fun out of it. ”

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