Nintendo says moving to the next console is ‘a big concern for us’

nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa He said the company’s possible move from … Nintendo Switch to the next hardware platform “a major concern” for the company.

Speaking at a Japanese investor Q&A this week (Translated by VGC Contributor Robert Sivason), Furukawa said the company plans to reduce the risk of resetting a user base of more than 100 million users by building “long-term relationships” with its users, in part through Nintendo accounts and using its IP outdoor games.

Furukawa answered a question about how Nintendo was able to maintain a solid release schedule for the game six years into the Switch’s life cycle, and what its thoughts were on moving to the next hardware platform.

In its recent history, Nintendo has followed up on its huge successes such as the Wii (101.6 million sold) and the DS (154 million sold) with lesser-known successors (Wei Yu It sold 13.5 million, while the 3DS managed 75 million), and Furukawa said the company is aware of these experiences.

“We have already announced part of our software roadmap, which will be released until next spring,” he said. “Unlike before, we still have a wide range of games scheduled for release, even five years after release. This is because the Nintendo Switch launched seamlessly, allowing us to focus all our development resources on one platform.”

“However, we are very concerned about whether we will be able to move smoothly from the Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware. Based on our experience with the Wii, Nintendo, and other devices, one of the biggest obstacles, of course, is how to easily move from one device to another.

“To help reduce this risk, we focus on building long-term relationships with our customers. As we continue to launch new software on the Nintendo Switch, we will also offer services that also use Nintendo accounts and other IP addresses without for games.We intend to create a lasting effect with our customers with this.

Furukawa has previously suggested this. Some form of backward compatibility could be used for the next gaming console to “maintain and expand” the Switch audience of more than 100 million users.

In February, the president spoke to investors about Nintendo’s next-generation console plans: “There are currently nearly 100 million annual game users, and it’s important to think about how to maintain and increase that number. This will also be important when we think about our plan for the next hardware platform. “

Nintendo says moving to the next console is 'a big concern for us'

Nintendo on Tuesday announced a 23.06 million Switch hardware sale for the fiscal year ending March 2022, bringing lifetime sales to 107.6 million. The figure brings the company closer to multiplying the PS2, which is a record (155 million), but still a drop of 20% from the year before, when Switch sales peaked at 28.83 million units.

Officially, the company has said that it believes the Switch is still in the middle of its life cycle and that it is aiming for a sixth year of growth, aided by the new OLED model.

Nintendo reported in May last year that the Invest in Khalifa Switch is contributing to record-high annual spending on research and development in the company.

And at an economic results orientation in November, the company said it was still internally discussing the concept and launch date for the next gaming system.

President Shuntaro Furukawa discussed: Nintendo’s approach to developing and launching new gaming hardware announced in Nikki Interview (paywall) last February.

“The hardware and software development teams are in the same building, communicating closely and thinking about how we can imagine new forms of entertainment,” he said.

“To make one piece of hardware, we have to prepare many more years in advance, so we work continuously. Ultimately, it is crucial whether the product will be launched on the market or whether it will be a new experience. ”

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