Parcls on the verge of bankruptcy – Jogo football app acquired by 433

1. Parcler lashes on the brink of bankruptcy

The parcel service in Amsterdam Parcls has applied for a moratorium, writes RTL. The company, which was founded by Luc van Gompel in 2017, had locations where users could have packages sent to them, or they could have the packages delivered by cargo bike. The start-up aims to reduce the number of vans in the streets.

Last year, the parcel service raised 1.7 million euros from Rabobank and the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund. This amount would be paid in installments. It is unclear why the company went into suspension. In 2020, before the investment round, there were more than seven tonnes of losses. A reboot is being investigated.

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2. Jogo football app taken over by 433 from Demy de Zeeuw

The football app Jogo has been taken over by football platform 433 from Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders and Ralph de Geus. Jogo gives football players the opportunity to gain more insight into their performance, partly on the basis of video images and via a sensor in the shoe. Following the acquisition, David Dwinger’s startup continues as the ‘433 Pro’. In addition, the employees of Jogo will also help build a new 433 app, in which football content is shared.

It is unclear what was paid for the purchase, but the deal did not happen in cash. Both Dwinger and investors in Jogo, which already raised 1.8 million euros, will receive shares in 433, Quote states.

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3. Camera traps sign code of conduct

The four big speed cameras (Getir, Zapp, Flink and Gorillas) have signed a code of conduct that says how companies should behave. Lately, there have been many complaints about so-called dark shops where flash courier drivers pick up their orders to be cycled around.

The Code of Conduct contains six principles. For example, the four parties say they will no longer open dark shops in central shopping streets, pedestrian streets or near schools. Delivery drivers must leave space on the sidewalk for pedestrians and electric bicycles must not ride faster than 25 kilometers per hour.

4. Fastned issues bond again

Fastned again tears up the investors with a raised hand. The company opened a new bond issue on Tuesday. The company offers investors an interest rate of 5 percent with a maturity of 4.5 years. Since its inception, the charging station operator has issued 11 tranches of bonds. By mid-2021, there were outstanding 88 million in bonds. The proceeds from the latest tranche will be invested in expanding the charging station network and refinancing existing loans.

5. Expertwired raises 1 million euros

Expertwired, a platform that connects sector experts and companies, has raised 1 million euros from investors. The round will be sounded by Pop Up Qapital, the angel collective founded by former Funda boss Quintin Schevernels. In addition, existing investor and IT entrepreneur Mathijs Bakker also invests money in the company.

The Amsterdam-based company says it offers better match than the competition, does not commit customers to large purchase contracts and lets more money flow to the experts. At present, the company has customers in eighteen countries. Clients include large companies, the four major auditing firms and private equity firms.

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6. And then this: Yogurt Barn wants to deduct one and a half million from the crowd

Yogurt Barn wants to raise 1.5 million euros in investment money through crowdfunding. The company will use the money for, among other things, a step abroad. Yogurt Barn also says that all thirteen places will go completely plant-based in September, when the company is ten years old.

Corona has made us realize that we need to think big. We simply can not ignore the impact of ourselves as human beings, but also as entrepreneurs, says founder Wouter Staal. You can participate in the crowdfunding from 250 euros.

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