Price BTC and crypto, MicroStrategy bull, Plan B and correlation

It’s lunchtime again now. The Live Bitcoin award and the prices of the 25 best cryptocurrencies present us with surprises. That’s why, even though I’m not available around lunchtime today, I do not want to withhold the Bitcoin lunch from you. We see where the bullish MicroStrategy remains, check how the Dutch analyst PlanB is doing, and see a painfully accurate correlation.

Of course, we start as usual with the live Bitcoin price and the prices of the 25 best cryptocurrencies.

Live Bitcoin price and top 25 cryptocurrency prices are sharpening the market

We see that investors are currently reacting sharply to any change in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from top 25 cryptocurrencies. In fact, recent events divide the analysts and experts into 2 camps when it comes to the Bitcoin price in the short term. We discussed this in our Bitcoin lunch yesterday.

The Bears also held power last night. We saw a calmer crypto market, but prices continued to fall. This was striking, as the bullish news that Instagram is introducing NFTs on its platform should usually arouse enthusiasm. Of course we took all the ins and outs with us this morning. We also warned you immediately about possible pitfalls at Insta and NFTs.

You can of course check the Bitcoin price and the prices of the 25 best cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day (and therefore also now) on the page.

So bullish micro strategy is really about Bitcoin

Of course, time will tell whether the pessimists are right or whether the optimists, such as MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor, are right on their side. That Saylor and therefore the company MicroStrategy is bullish, the top man continuously emphasizes. He also often says that one should “never” sell the company’s Bitcoin.

MicroStrategy is now a listed company in America. This means that the company must publish quarterly results and discuss them with investors. As we reported earlier, the fall in the BTC price has had a significant impact on the company’s financial management. Saylor therefore foresaw critical questions. In a presentation to investors, he went into great detail about Bitcoin’s position before there were any difficult questions. He shared his explanation on Twitter.

This shows that Saylor’s bullish sentiment is not a factor. You read that right. Up to the price of $ 3,562, – according to him, there is no problem for MicroStrategy. Even after that (at a lower price, owning Bitcoin is no longer enough to cover corporate debt) he already has a solution available. Selling BTC, as he explains it now, is not part of it.

How does Dutch analyst PlanB view the BTC crisis?

The Dutch analyst PlanB developed its own model (Stock to flow model) to predict the Bitcoin price. He became world famous in cryptocurrencies when his model predicted the Bitcoin price almost to the cent for several months in a row. Based on its ‘improved’ version of the original S-2-F model, BTC should close the year at a Bitcoin price of $ 100,000 in December 2021. When that did not happen and the price instead fell, he received some criticism. He directly countered this criticism. Since then, it has become quieter around PlanB. We are obviously excited about how he sees the situation now.

Plan B goes back to the original S-2-F model

In a recent tweet, PlanB said he was still being attacked. He also explains that the price in his opinion is currently moving more towards expectations based on the original S-2-F model (with a target price of $ 55,000) than based on the version that brought him so much fame last year. .

We also see that he is much less confident in his prediction and has a wait-and-see attitude. His latest tweet speaks volumes.

We see the interaction clearly declining, so the question is how quickly PlanB will be back in the center again.

Bitcoin shows scary context

One of the other things PlanB refers to is the correlation with stock prices. In this post, he draws a comparison between the evolution of the Bitcoin price and the S & P500 stocks.

Although we actually see similar price patterns there, there is another context that has even more frightening similarities.

In this statistic, we see how the price of Bitcoin moves almost in line with the price of Nasdaq. It therefore appears that this coherence is a factor to be taken into account so far.

We will of course continue to follow developments, including the connection with Nasdaq.

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Bitcoin breakfast: Price BTC and crypto, MicroStrategy bull, Plan B and correlation

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