The Dutch government sells Ferrari 599 GTB: great Italian duet

Every year, the government seizes cars for many reasons. These and old service cars are then sold by the Ministry of Finance. Although many cars are not really worth seeing, the gems sometimes appear in the Domeinen Roeringer Zaken’s showroom.

This time there is a striking car for sale: a Ferrari 599 GTB. You can bid on the car via the government website. If you bid the highest amount, you can pick up the car. This amount is not what you will ultimately have to pay for your fresh car. On top of your bid, there is an additional 15 percent ‘premium’.

Ferrari 599 GTB

Ferrari came up with a model in 2006 that internally bore the code ‘F139’. The Italian racehorse was eventually named the 599 GTB Fiorano, a primal Ferrari with a stunning design.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, apartment, government, movable property domains
(Image: DomainsRZ)

Autovisie saw the car for the first time in 2006 and wrote: “It’s a breath of fresh air, a proof that Pininfarina and Maranello are still capable of great duets.”

A beautiful design

“The size of the 599 GTB is immediately noticeable. When you stand right in front of its wide mouth, it looks like a giant car. That feeling lasts when you sit at the wheel, but disappears when I have parked the Ferrari in front of a butcher shop, between two very normal cars. It does not seem so big there, even small, while it is 1.96 meters wide. “

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, apartment, government, movable property domains
(Image: DomainsRZ)

“The fact that he looks so big is probably due to the fact that the bonnet and grille fill almost his entire face. The headlight luminaires are remarkably small and even somewhat indescribable. It may be a sign of strength: Ferrari does not need flashy headlights to create its own face. , the metal plate itself is characteristic enough. ”

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“The floating C-pillars are a first-class find. They give the car something special, but also have an aerodynamic function: They force wind to the flat rear tire (with subtle spoiler), which generates 40 kilos of extra downward pressure at 300 km / h. Incidentally, the styles are not part of the car’s load-bearing structure; they do not increase the stiffness and even appear to be removable. “

Large luggage compartment

“Open the boot lid and you will see a boot that is unprecedented for a Ferrari. This measures 320 liters, making it the largest cargo space that Maranello has ever delivered in a serial car. The factory, of course, produces a suitcase set that allows you to use every cubic centimeter. You do not need to take out the suitcases if you have a flat tire, because the 599 GTB does not have a spare wheel. “

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, apartment, government, movable property domains
(Image: DomainsRZ)

“When you enter, you are greeted by seats with an upholstery pattern very reminiscent of the legendary Daytona. The 599 GTB Fiorano is a Ferrari in the same tradition: with the V12 in front, but behind the front axle. “

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“The instrumentation is dominated by the black tachometer (optionally also yellow or red), which only changes color at towering 8400 min-1.”

A delicious V12

“When you turn on the ignition, it shows a picture of the V12 and says that all systems are OK. The twelve-cylinder does not have much in common with the Scaglietti. It is based on Enzo, but has been significantly modified to ‘more normal use and higher requirements for durability, as a result of which it delivers 30 hp less power and 50 Nm less torque. ”

“A drop on the red start button at the bottom left of the steering wheel and the V12 starts with an impressive and angry growl, which causes spectators to take a step back. Despite this, it sounds less intense than the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, which is apparently even more out for a crushing first impression. Immediately afterwards, it goes into an intense and tense idle, which – quite rightly – radiates the threat of approaching violence. “

“It does not make me feel like I have started a car, more like putting a guided weapon on high alert. It is in a way because you can catapult yourself (if you have the firing control on) in 3.7 seconds to 100 km / h and 7.3 seconds later you break through the 200 km / h barrier. The top speed is “more than 330 km / h”, according to Ferrari, which means that it is the fastest series Ferrari ever.

Ferrari 599 GTB as an apartment

The beauty of Ferrari is now offered by the government at Domains Movable Affairs. The car is from 2008 and has driven 117,517 kilometers since then.

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, apartment, government, movable property domains
(Image: DomainsRZ)

The car has a wrap, which according to the ad is no longer in good condition. Perhaps the red protective layer has spared the original gray paint.

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