ThoughtSpot expands the modern analytics cloud to help companies dominate the data age

New features help customers with action-oriented insight, visualizations and integration of Live Analytics into their own products and services to extract maximum value from the Modern Data Stack

ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, introduces innovations to the platform to help organizations dominate the data age. Announced at the annual Beyond 2022 user conference, the introductions include ThoughtSpot Sync, CodeSpot, Bring Your Own Charts, new Liveboard features and several new SpotApps.

ThoughtSpot also announces new releases including Team Edition, Pro Edition and a special offer for startups, educational institutions and non-profit organizations that enable high-growth individual users, small teams and companies to take advantage of the Modern Analytics Cloud.

The decade of data

The proliferation of cloud, mobility and new data sources over the last decade has paved the way for profound change for any organization in any industry. The advent of technologies like AI, web3 and 5G takes this transformation further than ever before and creates a power shift across the market, within organizations and between consumers and brands. The core of these shifts of power is formed by data.

The fundamental changes in the world around us are creating new opportunities for companies that are brave enough to transform themselves. The introductions offer organizations a new so-called experience layer, which makes it possible to put innovation from the entire modern data stack in the hands of each individual employee and thus maximize the value of all these different tools. With these new features, customers can accelerate the takeover of analytics initiatives and take full advantage of the data age.

Various modern Analytics Cloud elements

All new elements of Modern Analytics Cloud enable organizations, whether start-ups or established companies, to connect, build, launch and scale the power of data in their organizations.

To connect

With several new integrations, connecting ThoughtSpot to any data source or platform has never been easier.

  • Support for Amazon Redshift Serverless, allowing customers to leverage the Modern Analytics Cloud to run and scale analytics on Amazon Web Services without having to prepare and manage data warehouse clusters.
  • Snowflake Data Marketplace, including the new Snowflake Data Explorer app, enables customers to create insights based on third-party data in the Snowflake Data Marketplace. This makes it possible to quickly create prototypes for important indicators based on insights from new data sources.
  • Databricks Partner connect allows Databricks customers to try ThoughtSpot for free from the Databricks console.
  • Connectors for both Dremio and Starburst Galaxy provide accelerated queries to enable customers to leverage Live Analytics and extract value from a variety of architectures, including data mesh and data lake.

To build

Organizations can build products, apps and services faster than ever with ThoughtSpot.

  • CodeSpot is a searchable repository of open source ThoughtSpot blocks and code samples for developers to accelerate embedding analytics and app development with ThoughtSpot Everywhere. CodeSpot includes reusable best practices for the most common development tasks, such as customization actions, visualization, API and tools, formulas, and more.
  • ELT Live Analytics templates are easily accessible ELT jobs built to work with SpotApps and Matillion. Any Matillion customer can launch a new use case in minutes by simply opening the Matillion task from CodeSpot and mapping the transaction system with the cloud data platform.
  • New third-party data blocks utilize TML (ThoughtSpot Modeling Language), which allows customers to leverage external data to enrich their own data for more nuanced, meaningful insights. Data providers include Ibotta, Safegraph, Windfall and FactSet.


Computer professionals and analytical engineers are increasingly being asked by companies to quickly move use cases from development to production. New features from ThoughtSpot give these professionals more opportunities to do this on a large scale.

  • Integration with dbt enables analysts to translate dbt models into TML (ThoughtSpot Modeling Language). With dbt, data teams can collaborate more efficiently to quickly model data in the cloud data platform and then get it ready for use with ThoughtSpot.
  • New SpotApps make it easy to use templates for critical use cases, enabling customers to create value much faster. These new SpotApps include various templates for transaction systems such as ServiceNow, Snowflake, HubSpot, Okta, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Jira, RedShift and Databricks.


Data can only lead to real transformation when it is possible to quickly and efficiently scale initiatives to all parts of the company. To realize this, ThoughtSpot introduces new possibilities.

  • With ThoughtSpot Sync, companies can operationalize insights by automatically using them via APIs to trigger actions in other applications and services.
  • Bring Your Own Charts gives users the freedom to implement and see their insights in completely new ways with the best possible chart, diagram or visualization. With Bring Your Own Charts, customers can bring any visualization from other javascript or d3 libraries directly into ThoughtSpot’s interactive Live Analytics experience.
  • Monitor additional scaling analyzes by eliminating the need to log in to an analysis platform. Instead, users get automated insights that alert them to changes as they happen. Users can easily create KPIs, after which the system continuously scans for changes and outliers. Once detected, it starts an automated analysis of the changes to uncover the root causes and then sends all of these insights to a user.

“The more we talk to customers, the more it becomes clear that they need a whole new layer of analytics experiences if they are to realize the potential of the modern data stack. The tools built for desktops that deliver static visualizations are no longer enough for decades with data, ”said Ajeet Singh, co-founder and CEO of ThoughtSpot. “We respond to customers’ call with the new opportunities. Whether they want to bring insight to everyone in their organization, build products and apps with Live Analytics or launch new use cases, we are here to help with Modern Analytics Cloud.”

To experience the power of Modern Analytics Cloud for yourself, you can start right away with a free trial.

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