Contractify introduces the Netherlands to contract management

The start-up Contractify today opens its first office in the Netherlands. With this festive opening, the SaaS company is strengthening its goal: to help Dutch companies regain control of their contracts.

Partly due to the corona crisis, where homework became the norm, companies are increasingly focusing on digitizing their internal processes. One of these internal processes is contract management. †From conversations with companies in the Netherlands, we noticed that people are aware of the challenges surrounding contract management, but the right solution had not yet been found.”Explains Steven Debrauwere, CEO of Contractify. Where previously contracts were stored in a filing cabinet or somewhere on a desk, companies now want to have them digitally centralized. After all, the right people need access to essential documents anywhere, anytime. In addition, teleworking is not conducive to the overall contract management process. Due to the physical distance, it often takes too long to sign and get approval. These are pain points that Contractify solves with a digital data space that replaces the traditional filing cabinet. This digital data space is accessible to the data subject at any time and from anywhere, which makes the workflows more efficient and the throughput time is significantly minimized.

Who is Contractify?

In 2015, Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck started contractifyAs consultants, they set out to help companies better manage their contracts. It quickly became clear that no software was sufficient for their own needs as a consultant, as well as for the client’s needs. They quickly decided to take matters into their own hands and develop their own contract management tool, fully focused on the needs of the market.

Contractify is now one leading software vendor for contract follow-up. The cloud software helps companies to centralize, manage and sign all contracts in one secure contract library. For example, the platform fights unwanted automatic renewals and contracts are Get signed faster with custom signing and approval flows.

The step to Holland

“The only way to continue to grow as a scale-up is by continually expanding your horizons,” says Steven Debrauwere. After several years of successful activity in Belgium, the arrows were also aimed at the Netherlands as a test. This paid off because some Dutch companies have already started working with the contract management software. Steven Debrauwere: “Despite the increasing digitalisation, Contractify finds it important to be close to their Dutch customers. With an office in Utrecht, the base in the Netherlands is secured. ”

New AI feature to conquer the European market

The ambitions of the start-up also extend beyond the Dutch borders. To win the European market, Contractify is fully committed to artificial intelligence. For example, the contract management platform is launching its first AI feature this summer, enabling contracts to be registered 5 times faster. With this feature, Contractify is primarily aimed at companies with large amounts of contracts that are impossible to digitize manually.

The office is located at Van Deventerlaan 163 in Utrecht and is available by appointment via + 31 3 080 815 81 or

About Contractify

Contractify is a Belgian SaaS company that aims to provide companies with a 100% compatible and error-free contract management solution. The founders of Contractify, Steven Debrauwere and Herlinde De Buck, started the B2B business in 2015 by advising organizations on how best to organize their contract management process. Due to the growing need for a tool to centralize and automate contract management, they translated their many years of practical experience into a cloud-based contract management software. Contractify’s easy-to-use automation platform offers everything an organization needs to regain control of its contracts: centralization of documents, digital signatures and comprehensive contract follow-up features. In July, the company launches its first AI feature to automate contract management for B2B businesses.

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