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What: Stenaktion SV Haulerwijk

Where: Haulerwijk

When: From Tuesday 10 May

HAULERWIJK – The football club SV Haulerwijk wants to realize a new sports complex. ‘We want to replace the old buildings with a beautiful new complex. We are supported by sponsors and the municipality, but we have also set up an action ourselves. We sell symbolic stones to set up the new building, “says chairman Ronald de Vries.

The stone action has officially started. ‘It’s about proverbial stones,’ says Ronald De Vries. ‘When buying such a stone, five euros are donated to the club. We intentionally keep it low. We want it to be possible for everyone to contribute. ‘ Whether someone donates one or ten stones, the chairman does not care. ‘The action will not be decisive for whether the new building is to be built or not. But all that extra is a great bonus. This allows us to add quality. For example, with a good kitchen and screens in the canteen. Everything is organized on the personal level. You can order the stones via the mobile app, just with IDeal, via one of our members. The amount then goes directly to the association. ‘ The association is supported by the organization Clubplan. ‘Clubplan helps with the technical side of the organization. They take a large part of the organization from our hands. Think, for example, of payment card transactions and registration. That way, we can fully focus on making the promotion known. ‘ A good collaboration. De Vries is on the left in the picture, next to him are Rink Jan Slotema, Ilona Scheffers and Arjan Schimmel from the sponsorship committee.

‘The municipality agreed that something had to be done in Haulerwijk. We have drawn up a plan to build a new building. We started the demolition of the first part in January. The contractor will start construction on the new building next Monday. We have also done a lot of the work ourselves. Of course, it could have been done faster through a company. But that way you also save money ‘. De Vries thought it was time for a change. ‘It’s quite funny how the things work, we got feedback that it was time for renewal. If you do not radiate something as an association, you are in principle already behind 5-0. Of course, it requires a lot of work and high amounts, but we really go for it. In addition, a beautiful sports complex is something you as a village can be proud of. Traditionally, many humble people live in Haulerwijk. We should be able to radiate appropriate pride. ‘ The new construction will be energy neutral. ‘It is very pleasant, especially during this period. We’re going uphill, with two floors and a roof terrace. ‘ The new building includes eight new changing rooms, boardroom, canteen, etc.

After the corona, we notice that it is difficult for associations to start it all over again. We even have 300 members and play in the third division. But it’s not that exciting for us. It’s about more than football, the basis for us is fun. We were dealing with good timing. The members now have something to work towards and look forward to. Something like this is alive and creates a bond. The village is already developing a lot. Especially in the field of wellness. As an association, we also want to play a role in this. If more people can come together, it is good for the village, the association and the people themselves. It’s about buzz. For example, a weekly bootcamp for women is arranged at our sports fields. This is separate from the association but provides more energy to the complex. It comes from the people themselves. In the previous situation, it was harder to organize things, even for the young people. That way we can facilitate more for them, for example a football tournament on Friday night. We want to bring the tumult to the association. It’s about more than football, it’s about being together. ‘ More information can be found at

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