Lecture cycle on anxiety and depressive symptoms in the elderly at Ons Raadhuis

VELP – Since 1 April 2019, Radboud University has had a chair on anxiety and depression in the elderly. This chair is handled by Gert-Jan Hendriks, a resident of Rozendaal, who works as a psychiatrist and researcher.

Gert-Jan went looking for a good and efficient place for research and came across Velp. Velp has a unique population composition with already the age distribution in the Netherlands over 30 years with more than 25% inhabitants aged 65 and older.

He contacted Ester Bertholet, a specialist in geriatrics with special practice in primary geriatrics at Velp. And with Irma Smeenk, who is the coordinator of the temporary facility Ons Raadhuis, which was also created by Ester Bertholet. Our town hall is a unique and accessible initiative in the Netherlands for the elderly. It provides opportunities for meeting, training and support.

It is a praise to Rheden municipality that it supports such an initiative.

The question for the research program is: how can we gather the needs and wishes of visitors to Ons Raadhuis and more generally older people in Rheden municipality and themes such as mental health, university and research?

A cycle of four lectures on anxiety and depressive symptoms in the elderly is now starting in Ons Raadhuis. The lectures will be given by Gert-Jan Hendriks and his research team.

Friday, May 20: Older age has a negative connotation of Gert-Jan Hendriks

When are we really talking about the elderly? This term has a somewhat negative connotation. When you google it, it turns out that there have been many initiatives to introduce a different term for people in the life stage from the age of 65: young elderly, gray people, wrinkles, vitalo, senior, etc. It seems a bit artificial. Van Dale also does not come out well and talks about life after retirement and the last phase of life. It is something of a contrast, and it can easily be more than 20-25 years.

The number of people aged 65 and older is rising rapidly, but the group of 80 years and older is also rising rapidly to almost one million people aged around 10 years. This has been disrespectfully referred to as ‘double aging’, often in the same breath as the pressure it will put on healthcare in the coming decades.

Friday, June 3: ‘Don’t worry!’ – A lecture on concern by Nessa Ikani

Thinking and thinking about a problem or an event repeatedly is called worrying. For many people, worrying about important themes in life is something that is recognizable. When you worry a lot and it is difficult to get rid of this, it can affect your mood. It can also get in the way of performing certain activities.

Why does one lie awake half the night from a stream of worrying thoughts, and the other manages to turn around, put the thoughts aside, and fall asleep again?

Friday, June 17: Behavioral Activation for Gloom? To do! by Noortje Janssen

Many seniors sometimes suffer from depression. People with persistent depression often tend to postpone activities that they used to enjoy or stop doing at all. Because of the gloom, they are too dull for it and enjoy it much less. In the short term, stopping doing things feels like a relief. But in the long run, it does not help reduce the symptoms of depression. On the contrary, the complaints persist and may even get worse.

Friday, July 8: Anxiety and Avoidance? Go for it! by Gert-Jan Hendriks

European research has recently shown that around 10% of people over the age of 65 suffer from fear and phobias. Sometimes so much that it disrupts everyday life. This obstacle often results in people avoiding situations and activities. You may recognize in yourself that the corona period has evoked fear of becoming infected and that you are experiencing a threshold to visit, or get visits or to go to a meeting without a mouth mask. Knowing how fear arises, what it can lead to, and what you can do about it yourself, helps people better deal with excessive fear.

  • What: Lectures
  • Where: Our town hall, Nieuwstraat 1, Velp
  • When: May 20, June 3 and 17, July 8
  • Time: 11.15 – 12.30
  • Price: Members per. lecture € 3.60, non-members € 5, -.
  • More info: www.onsraadhuis.com – 026-8449140

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