Minze and Tineke van den Akker have now seriously retired

Minze and Tineke van den Akker have now seriously retired

A well-known name in Dokkum for over fifty years: the car company Van den Akker. Auto Dijk has since taken over this company from brother and sister Minze and Tineke van den Akker, so they can enjoy their retirement life. On Saturday 14 May, there is an open day at Auto Dijk and there will be an opportunity to say goodbye to the van den Akker family.

Easy to get used to the new life
“Recently I thought: it’s so quiet … It’s because the phone no longer rings all day,” says Minze van den Akker. Tineke van den Akker says: “I do not even take my phone anywhere anymore.” Minze and Tineke van den Akker have in recent months been able to get used to their new lives and describe it as a great end. “It is different than if you are employed and retire. We still have some aftercare. Mail is still coming in and a number of (administrative) cases still need to be closed. It’s getting smaller and smaller, and I’m really looking forward to getting it all sorted out. ”

120 years of the field
Van den Akker was founded more than 120 years ago in Metslawier, fifty years ago Minze and Tineke van den Akker took over the company from their father and moved the business to Dokkum. “Well, you’re in it,” says Minze van den Akker about the takeover and his responsibility for the workshop and the sale. Sister Tineke van den Akker – in charge of the administration and the petrol station – stated at the time: “I helped in the business for the first five years, but it was never discussed again after that. And then you help to build such a company. ” And what a company: a well-known name in Dokkum and the surrounding area. In addition to the opening in 1972 and the renovation twenty years later, Minze and Tineke van den Akker mention the pleasant contact with the people as highlights.

Personal contact
Minze van den Akker talks about this renovation: “We were the first to receive a car wash from Dokkum, it was one thing. It was opened by our oldest customer. ” Minze and Tineke van den Akker agree on customer contact: “We were known for that. Our nice way to help, deliver high quality work, but especially the personal contact and take time for our customers. That attention is important to people. They also just came by without it being a car. It is not without reason that our slogan was: Experience the extra service for you and your car. ”

Thank you for beautiful years with customers
“I also miss that contact a little bit,” says Minze van den Akker. Minze and Tineke van den Akker were quite overwhelmed by the attention and kind words they received from customers after announcing their retirement. “Very special! We did not expect this attention and it really touched us. We are very grateful to all customers for all the wonderful years.”

Fortunately, Minze and Tineke van den Akker see many similarities with Auto Dijk. “And what we listen to through our customers is fine. Of course, this can and should not be done in the same way as we did. But personal attention has lately become more and more important for a business. It is with a good feeling that we have handed over our customers to Auto Dijk. ”

Always weekend
For fifty years, brother and sister van den Akker saw them every day, the brother-sister relationship never got under tension because of this collaboration. “If we could not figure it out together, there was a third person – an outsider – who helped us with it.” Now that both are enjoying their retirement, they continue to see each other and there is time for other things. “Works wonderfully in the garden without having to think: This has to be finished now, because I do not have time for the rest of the week,” says Tineke van den Akker. Minze van den Akker adds: “Sometimes I’m a little confused about the days, after all I always have weekends now! It gives you a very free feeling and it makes you relax. ”

Auto Dijk arranges a Saturday the 14th of May from kl. 10-19 open day where it is also possible to say goodbye to Minze and Tineke van den Akker from kl. 10 – 15. The new role of Folbert Nicolai as co-owner of the workshop is also celebrated, as is Auto Dijk’s 100th anniversary.

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