New editions make ThoughtSpot available to businesses of all sizes

ThoughtSpot announces three new editions: Team Edition, Pro Edition and a special bundle for startups, non-profit organizations and educational institutions. This is the company’s first offering specifically for small teams and individuals. As part of these editions, ThoughtSpot also introduces a pricing model where customers only pay for what they use.

Team Edition users can get started with Team Edition for $ 95 a month for a user group with an unlimited number of users. Pro Edition is available from $ 2,500 per issue. month for five user groups with an unlimited number of users. Pro Edition users only pay for what they spend based on the number of searches. Startups, non-profit organizations and educational institutions with less than 100 people and annual revenues of less than USD 10 million can benefit from a Pro Edition offer for a fixed monthly fee, with no search fees. For the most demanding implementations, ThoughtSpot Enterprise Edition is available with unlimited users, unlimited data, unlimited user groups and SLAs. Enterprise Edition customers only pay for what they spend based on actual queries.

The new editions were introduced at Beyond, ThoughtSpot’s annual user conference, where several new features for the platform were also announced. The new solutions contribute to the company’s product-oriented growth strategy.

Creates true self-service analytics experience

Research from the Harvard Business Review shows that companies have long recognized the value of data to improve their business in various areas. The lack of genuine self-service analytics prevented companies from taking advantage of this. ThoughtSpots Modern Analytics Cloud is built specifically to create a self-service experience with Live Analytics. ThoughtSpot claims to democratize data.

By leveraging the company’s SaaS platform, customers can use the new editions right away. They connect to cloud data platforms such as Snowflake, Databricks, Google BigQuery, AWS, Azure.

The next phase in cloud analysis

The new releases come as ThoughtSpot is experiencing significant growth, driven by the success of their cloud offering. Some numbers in a row:

  • Cloud products now account for two-thirds of ThoughtSpot’s annual recurring revenue. In the past year, ARR for cloud products has grown by more than 175%
  • In the past year, 95% of new customers bought cloud products. About half were six-figure investments.
  • New cloud customers include Hubspot, Nasdaq, Finlocker, Afterpay, Tokyo Electron US Holdings, Cetera, Factory14, Cohora, CarTrawler, Northmill, Frontify, Harri, OrderPay, Zoomin, Bambuser AB, Star Compliance and JustWatch.
  • In EMEA, the annual recurring revenue from cloud products increased by 600% over the past year.
  • 4 of the Fortune 5 companies are ThoughSpot customers, just as more than 25% of the Fortune 100 are.

‘Data is crucial to success’

“It is no longer negotiable to put data in the hands of business users to make smarter decisions and achieve better results. It is crucial for success. To do this, however, executives need to embrace new technology and processes while breaking away from the tools they used in the past, “said Dawid Rasa? A, Chief Data Officer at Milarex.” ThoughtSpots Modern Analytics Cloud enables these types of true even. service analysis possible. The beauty of these new editions is that everyone can experience the difference for themselves during a free trial period and then simply use a credit card to go from trial to purchase. In a matter of minutes, you can start searching and trading on your data. “

“The transformation value our customers have realized with ThoughtSpot is astounding. To see is truly believable when it comes to Modern Analytics Cloud. However, the way our business model was built meant that many smaller organizations and teams could not experience the same results for themselves, ”said Sudheesh Nair, CEO of ThoughtSpot. “That’s why these new editions are so special to me. I want pioneers in every business to get their fingers in ThoughtSpot and show their organization what can happen when they shake up the status quo. And I want them to pay only for the value they create with ThoughtSpot. “Dashboards are dead, and a waste of money on user licenses that are just on the shelf instead of paying for what customers are actually consuming should be.”

Team Edition, Pro Edition and the start-up, non-profit and training offer are available immediately. A free trial is also available.

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