Pirtek offers 25 years of hydraulic service in the Benelux

This year, Pirtek celebrates its 25th anniversary in May. With the arrival of Pirtek 25 years ago, the foundation was laid for a completely new hydraulic service method.

The first step

At that time, the first service center was strategically located in northern Rotterdam. This service center is still operating successfully. The right choice to start in Rotterdam has everything to do with a number of large industrial companies in the region, the port and the associated transport and logistics companies. Until Pirtek arrived, there was no nationwide network that could quickly remedy unplanned downtime in the event of a hose break at a customer. At that time, many companies had to accept hours (sometimes days) of downtime before new hydraulic hoses came to replace the defective hose. Parts sometimes have to come from far away or depend on a particular supplier.

Need change

The concept of having a service technician on site within an hour of reporting an error was revolutionary at the time. Harald Overwater CEO said: “The fact that this is a solid discovery is still remarkable 25 years later. Pirtek is now the European market leader in hydraulic hose replacement.” Of course, as a market leader, you may notice that the concept is being copied over and over again of the competition. “Copying, however, proves to be more difficult than expected. Building a detailed and comprehensive service network comparable to Pirtek with only a comprehensive fleet and so many qualified technicians is not an easy task. In addition, Pirtek can be promised “For many international customers, it is important to know that similar services and materials are also available outside the country’s borders. It creates trust.” Harald Overvand.

A powerful formula

The Pirtek brand was developed in Australia in 1980. The concept has now grown into a franchise formula that allows local professionals to present themselves in a consistent way in a national network. Formula offers central support for many practical and organizational issues. The Pirtek formula was then exported to the United States and then to the United Kingdom. From Great Britain there was expansion to the European continent: Germany, Austria and the Benelux, now it is 25 years ago.

Harald Overwater: “Sweden and France have joined in the last two years, and development is in full swing there. The total number of branches worldwide has reached the magic number of 1,000, and in Europe alone there are 200 branches with more than 850 service cars equipped as fully autonomous mobile workplaces. This makes Pirtek a very solid formula, which has benefited both domestic companies and large international carriers. A tailor-made solution is offered to any hydraulic company.

From emergency service to preventive maintenance

Due to the logical development of the company, where “fixing errors” still has the highest priority, everyone realizes that the customer is better helped to prevent this problem. This shows a growing trend where companies are choosing to outsource professionals for the maintenance of hydraulic hoses. Now more people than in previous years realize that the cost of forced downtime costs much more than a fixed machine and operator. Operational consequences can lead to unusually high costs and a growing awareness of further damage to the environment.

In addition to breakdown service, customers can choose between a comprehensive service package ‘Preventive Maintenance’ or ‘Total Pipe Management’ as well as change and control of hydraulic oil. Pirtek is also currently working on expanding its services in the future.

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