Survey: Organizations do not live up to promises in the workplace and risk millions in lost revenue

While 83 percent of post-pandemic companies feel they have found the right balance when it comes to people-centered models of work, such as hybrid or teleworking, the reality is different. It shows a worldwide survey conducted by Avanade among more than 2,000 companies in 15 countries.

Almost all Dutch respondents indicated that their company is taking steps to improve the experience in the workplace. No fewer than 92 percent of Dutch companies have taken or tested hybrid work (76%) or telework (16%). However, respondents believe that staff are not adequately supported due to lack of technology, security and flexibility.

Other interesting research results are:

  • 58% stated that employees of the participating companies in the Netherlands do not have the choice of when or where they want to work
  • 60% said employees do not yet have access to tools and applications to work from anywhere
  • 68% of Dutch organizations surveyed do not use cloud-based knowledge-sharing platforms
  • At 50% of organizations, there is no safety model that ensures that all employees can perform their work safely anywhere

Failure to fulfill their promises could cost companies millions, with Dutch respondents estimating average growth of more than 7 percent thanks to successful workplace experience programs (driven by collaboration between IT, HR and business). Based on the turnover of all participating companies, Avanade estimates that the growth opportunities range from USD 37 million to USD 6.5 billion.

In addition to the economic benefits, Avanade’s research also shows that organizations that have adopted progressive workplace experience strategies over the past 12 months have also realized significant other benefits. Both in terms of people and business, including:

  • A productivity improvement of almost 7%
  • An increase of 6.8% in employee retention
  • Customer satisfaction increased by an average of 7.6% among the Dutch companies surveyed
  • 7.3% saw an increase in the valuation of the stock market
  • And a cost reduction of 7% was achieved

Over time, 72 percent of the organizations that performed best in the workplace globally felt that they were well prepared for the work of the future. This compares with only 33 percent of companies performing worse. Moreover, 91 percent of top performers are convinced that their company already has the right hybrid approach to work, compared to only half of those who lag behind.

“The signal our research sends is loud and clear,” said Veit Siegenheim, head of Modern Workplace at Avanade. “A holistic approach to the experience in the workplace is crucial and benefits both companies and their most important asset, their employees. The longer those who run the company postpone action, the further they fall behind and risk losing both financially and by recruiting the best talent. ”

About the research

Avanade has commissioned independent market research firm Vanson Bourne to conduct a workplace experience survey between October 2021 and January 2022. The survey examined 2,100 senior decision-makers from IT, business and HR departments. The respondents came from organizations in different sectors, but the focus was on financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. Countries included: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway), Holland, Japan, Australia and Brazil.

About Avanade

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