SAS Viya on Microsoft Azure can offer companies 204% ROI | BI platform

Organizations implementing SAS Viya, the SAS cloud-native AI, analytics and data management platform, on Microsoft Azure will see several benefits, including a 204 percent ROI over three years. It shows a new Total Economic Impact study from Forrester Consulting. The research results also point to several other benefits of investing in SAS Viya on Azure, such as millions of euros in net present value and a payback period of 14 months.

The respondents stated that before the implementation of SAS Viya on Azure, they faced various problems with access to data and the use of different data sources. This made the development, implementation and management of AI models difficult and time consuming. Other problems included inefficiency and high cost associated with using an on-site analytics infrastructure.

Their investment in SAS Viya on Azure enabled them to solve these problems and improve their productivity and business performance. Demonstrated benefits included the ability to gain insight from data in less time, improved operational efficiency in model development and testing, and cost savings by completing local analytics infrastructure. According to the companies concerned, this investment played a key role in improving their decision making and driving their business success.

“Many organizations struggle with all kinds of bottlenecks in the process from data to decisions. Our strategic partnership with Microsoft aims to simplify this process to help companies make reliable decisions and accelerate innovation, ”said Jay Upchurch, Executive Vice President and CIO of SAS. “This research shows that together we are living up to our promise to deliver tremendous value to customers across industries in the form of cost savings, reduced time-to-value and improved productivity for data researchers and data analysts.”

Since the start of their strategic partnership in 2020, SAS and Microsoft have continuously introduced new opportunities to meet the needs of their common customers as they move to the cloud and modernize their IT environment.
• Joint SAS and Microsoft customers can tackle their most complex challenges with SAS Viya on Azure. From implementing IoT data streaming and advanced analytics to ensuring the reliability of COVID-19 vaccines to delivering fast and personalized customer service based on real-time analytics,
• The two partners also introduced new industry-specific solutions such as SAS Cloud for Intelligent Planning, which is part of Microsoft Cloud for Retail, and SAS for Improved Manufacturing Quality for Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing. These powerful solutions help industry leaders remain resilient in today’s rapidly changing world.
• New integrations of SAS Viya on Azure include:
– SAS Event Stream Processing, Azure IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub, enabling organizations to take advantage of real-time insight.
– SAS Intelligent Decisioning with Power Automate to strengthen decision making.
– SAS Model Manager with Azure Machine Learning to overcome obstacles organizations face when implementing multiple AI models.

The benefits of the partnership were also confirmed by the respondents in the Total Economic Impact ™ survey. They provided positive feedback on the integration of functionalities and the ability to score models in the database in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Learn more about SAS Viya on Azure and the full results of the Total Economic Impact survey during SAS and Microsoft’s webinar with guest speakers from Forrester on May 18 at. 17.00.

About the research
Forrester interviewed nine decision-makers at six organizations using SAS Viya on Azure. The goal was to understand the benefits, costs, and risks of their investment. The participating organizations are active in various sectors including government, manufacturing, financial services, IT services and banking.

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