Five reasons why companies need assisted reality

This article by BTG member is an introduction to assisted reality technology that provides information on what it is and its key benefits for businesses. To learn more, and RealWear, their assisted reality provider partner, invite you to the upcoming event The Age of the Connected Worker for BTG members.

What is assisted reality?

As part of the Industry 4.0 transformation, well-known XR technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are helping companies increase productivity and improve work environments. But what about assisted reality?

Unlike augmented reality, which can change what the user sees, assisted reality adds an extra layer of information to the user’s existing field of vision. It is designed to provide information in the form of text, videos, images and diagrams to increase the user’s situational awareness.

Assisted reality devices allow users to view information hands-free through a screen and provide the information and support they need without disrupting their real-life experience. RealWear, distributed by BTG member, specializes in assisted reality solutions for the industry. The company has developed a range of PPE compliant wearables that do just that, making them suitable for a range of applications across industries. So let’s take a look at how companies can take advantage of the latest technology:

How can companies benefit from assisted reality?

The following are 5 important benefits for companies using aR devices:

More access to expert advice

The need for staff to be connected in real time around the world is a logistical challenge for any business, especially in light of the efforts to reduce travel and the associated costs. However, assisted reality devices allow companies to transform the way they work, giving them opportunities to grow and develop successfully.

Paired with RealWears Navigator or HMT, Remote Expert applications provide a hands-free, two-way video calling experience that enables front-line and remote employees to take advantage of specialized advice. Thanks to the Realwear platform, the remote expert can see exactly what the worker is seeing on the spot so he can help and solve problems. This technology is used for vehicle maintenance and repair, maintenance and inspection in the processing and telemedicine industries.

Improved employee safety

Assisted reality headsets and head-worn wearables are often used in manufacturing, oil and gas and other demanding industrial environments. Data can be accessed hands-free and, most importantly, without removing PPE, ensuring user safety. Designed for use with goggles, safety helmets and even suits for hazardous materials, RealWears assisted reality wearables allow you to deliver the right information with safety first.

Digital workflows provide detailed instruction to frontline and remote employees and are critical to the digital transformation goals of many organizations moving away from paper SOPs. In connection with the RealWear platform, digital workflows also become hands-free, which allows employees to focus on the task, which improves both security and productivity.

Improved productivity

Head-mounted assisted reality devices allow technicians to quickly and easily view charts and checklists and consult colleagues if they need assistance. This keeps the focus on the task to be performed. The use of aR equipment, which is practical and time-saving, leads to a measurable increase in productivity.

IIoT visualization on Realwear Navigator or HMT provides employees with useful real-time information about the machines they use or maintain, enabling predictable maintenance and informed decision making. The built-in camera allows workers to quickly scan barcodes or QR codes for different machines, trigger relevant information about that machine and display it on the Navigator or HMT. It is fast, efficient and an important factor in increasing productivity.

Better access to information

Since many assisted reality devices are designed to be carried hands-free, there is no need to bring extra laptops or documents. Information can be provided exactly when needed, right in front of the user’s eyes and ears.

When you use Document Navigator on Realwears Navigator or HMT, employees have easy and completely hands-free access to all the documentation they need. Voice-enabled technology provides quick access to files uploaded and stored on the device or a central system. No more clumsy paperwork or removal of personal protective equipment to access files.

Lower costs

With many companies moving to a hybrid work environment, there is a growing reliance on virtual technology. Most of us are used to meeting colleagues in different places through a screen. Assisted reality goes a step further, where meetings are no longer limited to a desk. Employees can see what colleagues are working on via their aR unit, eliminating the need for face-to-face meetings and significantly reducing travel costs. Assisted reality not only reduces travel costs, but also helps many businesses reduce their CO2 footprint.

Where is assisted reality used?

Assisted reality is helping to transform the way many industries work, and already several Fortune 1000 companies are successfully using aR in their organizations. E.g:

Total SA is a multinational energy company and one of the seven major oil companies. The RealWear HMT-1Z1 is the only globally certified intrinsically safe (IS) Zone 1 aR portable and activated Total to connect on-site staff with expert colleagues around the world, enabling faster equipment diagnoses and repairs.

Honeywell International Inc. is a Fortune 100 company and a global conglomerate. RealWear enabled Honeywell to perform on-site validations and testing of customers’ newly implemented industrial equipment.

For work tasks that require the right information at the right time, assisted reality devices enable employees to perform their jobs in the best possible way, improve safety and increase efficiency.

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