Leiden gets October 3 Museum. Real and true!

Jan Boots from Nederlandse Kermisbond has been an honorary member of the October 3 Vereeniging since yesterday. (Photos: Emile van Aelst).

With the theme Leiden Relief on 3 October, Vereeniging is associated with Leiden becoming the European City of Science in 2022. With ‘Really?’ the association believes it can provide an appropriate interpretation. As always, this will be mainly expressed in the Great Procession.

The theme was announced on Friday evening during the general meeting in Vereeniging on October 3 in the Academy building at Leiden University. In addition, two honorary members were appointed. Rutger Veldhuijzen van Zanten was posthumously appointed honorary commissioner.

Van Zanten died in September last year. He has worked for the association for almost forty years. In August 2021, the board of the October 3 Association was able to share the nomination as honorary commissioner with him. His widow Hetty received the award.

After the general meeting, Chris de Waard spoke with chairman Rik Kamps about the impending celebration of Leiden’s Ontzet.


The second prize went to Jan Boots. He also became an honorary member, making him the first to receive this honor without having been a board member or supervisory director. Boots have been involved in the October 3 Vereeniging for about half a century. Together with the chairman of the Lunapark committee, he has always been the first point of contact for the 3 October Vereeniging when it comes to the fair. An important contact for the association, because the benefit of the fair is the financial cork on which the association floats. Along with the income from the memberships.

Over the years, Boots has become as attached to Leiden’s Ontzet as Vereeniging on October 3 has become to him. It appears that thanks to Boots can be started at a Leiden Relief Museum. On October 3, Vereeniging will rent a large space from another important family in the tradition Leidens Ontzet, Hoppezak Clothing Rental on Pieterskerkgracht. There will be extensive renovations in the coming period, and hopefully this year the archive, the annex museum with shop will open for the 3rd of October Vereeniging there. Among other things, all kinds of Boots documents are stored. He thinks it is so important and fun that his archive gets a good destination that he even contributes to the renovation.

mini coral
Last year, Jochem Myjer informed Minikoraal that it was the last year he came to perform there. A few months ago, Eric Filemon followed suit. As mayor van der Werf, Filemon created the Minikoraal and then led it for almost thirty years. He also co-wrote with Rens Heruer countless mini-choir songs and also the Leiden national anthem Leiden, City of my Heart.

It is not yet known if a new artist will be involved in Minikoraal. The association also does not yet know who will succeed Philemon. That being thought about is all the board will say about it now. Philemon has already done that mindset, but he just had a little more time to consider that question. “For me, it had to be a woman, and Anneleen wanted to be a very good one.” The Anneleen is Anneleen Lucas-Remijn. As a singer, she has been one of the regular faces of Minikoralen from the beginning.

party indicator
To the great relief of many participants, there will be a festive guide again this year. In recent years, it has not been available due to the adjusted and limited celebration in 2020 and 2021, but at the end of September, the book will be on the mat again with all members. However, the association is looking at securing the future of a paper party guide. “The app is becoming increasingly important to us,” says chairman Rik Kamps. “We can put a lot more information into it, and it’s easy to adjust.” Whether this will ultimately mean the end of a paper party guide is not yet a question.


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