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Zendesk introduces new solutions at its Relate conference that puts conversations at the center of customer relationship management. The company is also launching a new employee experience offering to help companies transform their internal operations and create the best hybrid work experience.

“The last few years have made it clear that digital is the front door, convenience is paramount, and relationships are rooted in conversations,” says Mikkel Svane, CEO and founder of Zendesk. “Zendesk helps companies embrace this next generation of customer relationship call management and transform customer service into a generator of growth.”

Do a better business with conversation CRM

Zendesk’s approach to Conversational CRM connects and integrates front and back offices. This enables the front office to provide not only support but also a complete range of smart real-time data and customer engagement services.

The company introduces the following products:

  • Call automation with more advanced bots that allow companies to extend automation to messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, build and train bots to solve common problems and match customer questions coming into the front office with the right answers enriched with third-party data.
  • Omnichannel routing that enables companies to adapt to changing circumstances. Effectively configure support teams and implement real-time changes based on customer demand. Teams can be assured that calls across each channel are automatically routed to the right support agent, and performance can be closely monitored to better meet and respond to customer inquiries.
  • Conversational Data Orchestration, which enables companies to create large-scale customer conversations by connecting processes, event data and logic.
  • Analysis to deliver smarter sales and service to help companies turn conversations with data-driven insights into revenue. Tailored reporting capabilities enable teams to manage large volumes and analyze historical trends to ensure better staffing across the channels where customers and leads communicate.
  • Zendesk Sell chat channels start with WhatsApp, which allows sales teams to communicate with customers and record any interaction directly in Sell, where it can be managed, monitored and included in reports. The WhatsApp integration is currently in EAP (Early Access Program) and bots for sale are expected to roll out in the winter of 2022.

Support for meaningful employee experiences

As companies embrace hybrid work environments that combine telework and office work, employees have new needs and expectations. Personal, data-driven, fast service is not just for customers. Employee support teams also need an efficient and easy way to transform the way they work, including simplified workflows and automation.

Zendesk also offers Zendesk professional services. With this, Zendesk provides employee support teams:

  • A source of truth for HR, finance, operations, IT and other support teams, crucial to connecting employees to internal services;
  • a way to eliminate repetition, friction and unnecessary administrative processes, making it easier for employees to access important information, resources and services;
  • insight to understand trends and new problems in order to continuously improve the employee experience.

Zendesk is partnering with Myndbend, SweetHawk and EZOfficeInventory, three associate employee support teams, to provide three months of free services as part of their Employee Experience offering.

Employees are the driving force for success

“Virgin Pulse serves 14 million members in 190 countries, but we believe our employees are the key driver of membership success and the achievement of our business goals,” said Michael Pace, Vice President of Global Member Service at Virgin Pulse. “With Zendesk, we can ensure that our members and employees receive both accurate and timely responses, regardless of which channel they choose to contact us. This partnership has translated into tangible ROI and value for our customers and our business. “

“Before Zendesk, we had a fragmented network of support systems worldwide. Today, we run everything centrally on one platform to deliver the best consistent quality experiences to all our customers on every channel they choose, ”said Orlando Gadea, Global VP of Customer Experience Transformation at Stanley Black and Decker. “We are there for our customers when and where they need us, and we value being able to build relationships with our end users.”

Zendesk’s Conversational CRM experience and employee experience offering is built on the Sunshine platform. This platform helps companies quickly customize Zendesk using apps, tools, and out-of-the-box features that match their systems.

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