Utrecht University and Local2Local will work together

Anton Pijpers and Mark Frederiks, in the background Simone Pekelsma, Johan Garssen, HRH Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme and Freek van Muiswinkel / Photo on: Ivar Pel

Collaboration – More collaboration between the various scientific disciplines and more research is what Utrecht University has agreed with Amped and Local2Local. On the one hand, the parties want to achieve a short chain in the Utrecht region, but also do more research into the overall food system and regional products.

On Friday 13 May, an agreement was signed at Utrecht University between Prof. Dr. Anton Pijpers, Chairman of the Executive Board of Utrecht University, and Mark Frederiks from Amped / Local2Local, an organization that works with the short chain in food. The signing took place in the presence of HRH Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme, Chairman of the Short Chain Taskforce and Prof. Dr. Johan Garssen, chairman of Future Food Utrecht, who supervised the project from Utrecht University.


The university has been working for years to establish a short chain from farmer to consumer. As a catering company, Compass has been closely involved in this for many years. The signing should now give it all more momentum. Not only must the local products be more and more available in the canteens at the various faculties, there must also be more research into the chain and the production within it. Pijpers explains: “The current situation shows that our food system is no longer good and that we need to look at it differently. In Utrecht, we have gathered all disciplines to do broad research into this, and organize our food system in such a way that we become less dependent on foreign countries. The new normal must become local. ” Mark Frederiks from Local2Local added: “A regional food system with regenerative agriculture also contributes to climate adaptation and biodiversity and stimulates the local economy and the connection between city and country.”

Source: @FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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