Castricum first in the region with concluded coalition

Photo above:
Negotiators of the Coalition Agreement. From left to right: Gerard Brinkman (GroenLinks), Roel Beems (Lokaal Vital), Rob Dekker (VVD) and Elize Bon (CDA). (Photo: Hans Boot)

Castricum – The local council parties Lokaal Vitaal, VVD, GroenLinks and CDA have reached an agreement on the coalition agreement, which was presented last Friday in Kapitein Rommels Have. The names of the four new councilors were also announced.

By Hans Boot

Immediately after the result of the local elections, a lot of work was done to form a new coalition. It was agreed that party leader Roel Beems, from the largest party, Lokaal Vitaal, would be at the forefront of the process of reaching a coalition agreement and a new council. After a brief exploration, Bert Meijer and Marjan Leijen were appointed as informants. They were ordered to unite four parties, which together have at least fourteen seats in the municipal council. The informants then stated that Lokaal Vitaal, VVD, GroenLinks and CDA would investigate the possibilities for cooperation over the next four years. With sixteen of the twenty-five seats, there would then be a broad coalition.

Eighteen pages

The talks led to an eighteen-page deal that saw the light of day on Friday. It states that it is about an agreement in general and zooms in on a number of important themes such as the realization of new housing, climate, traffic, economics, social domain, health and finance. Behind the table stood the aforementioned parties’ negotiators, Roel Beems (Lokaal Vital), Rob Dekker (VVD), Gerard Brinkman (GroenLinks) and Elize Bon (CDA), who were allowed to explain the domains they represented.

Ambition document

Beems said in his introduction: “The agreement is an ambition document with partly concrete and measurable goals. We had the realism tested by the official organization. In October, we hope to show an elaboration with an account. For this, it is important to know what we receive from the central government, which will be known soon. ”

Eneco funds

Beems has a ‘good feeling’ about the process followed for the coalition and about the distribution of the portfolios. He became councilor for Finance & Economics and commented on his domains: ,, I place great emphasis on economic vitality, and we can be proud of our beach area and recreation at Alkmaardermeer. In the autumn, we have to make a final decision about the swimming pool. Citizens’ social security contributions must not increase, and we will use Eneco funds in a smart way. A contribution to the swimming pool is also conceivable. ” The Eneco funds were acquired after the municipality sold its shares in this energy company a few years ago for more than 23 million euros.


According to Rob Dekker, the good cooperation between the parties over the past four years had greatly contributed to the rapid realization of the coalition agreement. Social housing is also at the top of his party’s list. He said of this: “In new plans, we are now aiming for 40 per cent social housing, of which thirty per cent in social rent and ten per cent social purchase. However, cooperation with Kennemer Wonen must be improved. that the municipality pursues an active area policy. ”

Climate and greenery

Gerard Brinkman was enthusiastic about the agreement reached: “This also applies to the members of my party. In the coming years, we will demand great attention to climate and greenery. We also want to make the three thousand private homes more energy efficient, and that more municipal roofs are fitted with solar panels. In addition, our ambition is to plant five hundred trees a year and to reduce the amount of residual waste per inhabitant to thirty kilos. We are also in favor of the realization of IKC-Øst at Visser ‘t Hooftskolen’s current location, so that housing can be built at De Kustlijn’s location. Of course, we are also happy that our party member Valentijn Brouwer will be a councilor for the social domain. “

‘Hard times’

Finally, Eliza Bon spoke: “The CDA is grateful for the opportunity to take part in the negotiations. In addition to all the spearheads and procedures just mentioned, it is about people, that is, the inhabitants, for whom we all do it. Our society is going through difficult times, and there are many issues in debt counseling, integration and civic integration, which require a lot of consultation with social authorities and residents. Structural measures are taken on issues such as the fight against loneliness and minimum income policy. The municipality will encourage the state to provide more financial resources for youth care and WMO. Building a hospice is also very important. “

Three of the four new councilors. From left to right: Roel Beems, Paul Slettenhaar and Valentijn Brouwer. (Photo: Hans Boot)


In addition to the two new councilors, two are returning from the previous council. They are Paul Slettenhaar (Building & Life) and Falgun Binnendijk (Social Domain). The latter is not in the picture above, he was absent due to vacation. The inauguration of the four candidates will take place on Thursday, May 19, after the council has considered the coalition agreement. “Castricum is one of the municipalities in the region that has implemented the coalition the fastest,” said a satisfied Beems.

Falgun Binnendijk. (Photo: included)

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