Dutch Action Evenings 2022: Jim Tehupuring

Soon it’s that time again: IEX will host the annual Dutch Equity Evening with BNP Paribas. Five stock market experts each mention three Dutch stocks that they consider promising in the near future – and one stock that may be worth shorting.

You can be here! This event can be followed online via a livestream, there is no cost involved. You will receive instruction in good time on how to follow the broadcast.

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As a warm-up to this evening, the experts look back on the past six months on the stock market and their tips from last. Today it’s Jim Tehupuring’s turn (1Asset Management)

Skin in the game

In a week’s time, it’s that time again: a live Dutch Share Event. Of course with many storage peaks from Dutch soil. I look forward to!

However, I will first look back at the tips I presented a year ago and how it went after that. It’s good for you to know that I’m actually investing in the titles I discussed in the last issue and will discuss next week. Both privately and professionally, I held the same positions at 1Asset Management and / or ProBeleggen.

I believe that as an investor you have to do what you say. Straight from your analyzes. With the paws in the mud, it is often fun, but can also be confrontational. When you look back at last year’s tips, this unfortunately also applies to me. Fortunately, the damage has remained somewhat limited thanks to preliminary action.

Get rich quick

Last year, I mentioned that you should not think that investment tips will ensure that the Postcode Lottery Street Prize falls to your address. Reproduction in the stock market is gradual, and anyone who invests to make a lot of money fast has not understood it or has not yet become acquainted with harsh practices. With the tips I discussed last year, Gaston Starreveld certainly did not come by. I discuss see below briefly.

Ahold Delhaize

At that time € 24 and designated as a stable defender in the selection. Attractive in terms of dividend yield and free cash flow and with Bol.com as a hidden value. Price target at that time: € 28.50.

After receiving a dividend, we were able to sell the shares to clients of 1Asset Management for € 29 with a nice profit. But that’s not how the Dutch Shares Evening works. It looks at what the price will do in 1 year. After a nice recovery, a drop followed in recent weeks, and Ahold is now trading at € 27. With more than € 1 dividend, a return of 17%. Lived.

Just eat takeaway

I subscribed to this now much talked about stock as a creative midfielder at a price of € 75 per. The growth was huge, but has now stalled.

1Asset management sold the shares at a loss at the beginning of this year, but those who are still investing in them are looking at a large bleeding on. 75% of the value has gone up in smoke. Investors doubt whether management is still overseeing the business and whether it has not resorted to excessive acquisitions.

The price is under severe pressure. Still, the sum of Just Eat Takeaway’s shares is worth much more than the current stock price.


So for € 11 and with good views. From a business point of view, these have certainly been achieved thanks to an improved interest margin and absolutely high profitability. In 2021, ING earned € 1.23 per. Investors have therefore received a large dividend in the last 12 months: € 1.

Nevertheless, after an initial sharp rise, the stock has now fallen by € 1.50 since the last issue of Dutch Shares Evening, leaving a small minus.

However, this does not apply to the investor who chose the Click & Clear Note from sponsor BNP Paribas, which I suggested. It was 128% then and I could sell (at ProBeleggen) in the autumn for 153%.

Active portfolio management

Ultimately, of course, that’s what you do with investing. Actively monitor and adjust (sell / buy) when the opportunity arises. Sometimes it can mean that you sit in one position for years. For example, 1Asset Management has had Ahold Delhaize shares in its portfolio for about 4 years.

Conversely, a price target can sometimes also be reached in a few months, or new information means that you need to revise your (positive) opinion about a company. Fortunately, in practice we do not invest on an annual basis. At Dutch Shares Evening it is, and it is sometimes confrontational, but above all very fun!

Shares on offer

Tuesday evening, May 24, 2022, I would like to introduce you to my 3 Dutch investments for the coming period. Recent developments and stock market corrections provide much fodder for discussion, but have above all resulted in many beautiful Dutch companies for sale at attractive prices. And where the tech sector used to be highly priced, there currently seem to be good opportunities in that corner.

I look forward to making it another beautiful evening with the other gentlemen. See you!

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