eCommerce Growth Platform Wayflyer raises $ 300 million in debt financing from JP Morgan

Amsterdam, 16 May 2022 – Wayflyer, the revenue-based growth and financing platform for e-commerce companies, has raised $ 300 million in debt financing from finance firm JP Morgan. The Neuberger Bermann served as collateral. The money will be used by Wayflyer to increase its strength and market share while continuing to support a global market with more than 300,000 e-commerce companies through fair, flexible and affordable financing.

In addition, the financing also lowers Wayflyer’s cost of capital, enabling the company to offer the most competitive prices on the market. A welcome service as e-commerce industry revenues are expected to reach $ 5.4 billion by 2022 and the demand for affordable financing is greater than ever.

Matthijs Onland, Country Manager NL & BE at Wayflyer: “Ecommerce companies can not always take full advantage of high customer demand due to limited inventories, higher advertising costs or slower production and shipping processes. With Wayflyer, we want to help these companies realize their potential without having to go through the slow process with the bank or sell shares at an early stage. ”

Debt financing follows a period of significant growth for Wayflyer. In February 2022, the company announced its $ 150 million Series B round, raising Wayflyer to $ 1.6 billion. The all-equity round was co-led by DST Global and QED Investors, with JP Morgan participating. Both debt financing and Series B rounds enable Wayflyer to continue its rapid growth path and provide e-commerce companies with not only the best financial conditions, but also the expertise and advice that can help them reach their potential.

Aidan Corbett, Wayflyer CEO and co-founder of Wayflyer: “The $ 300 million debt financing we have secured and partially committed from JP Morgan will help us offer the most competitive rates on the market and support ambitious e-commerce companies in realizing their growth potential.”

“We want to continually support our e-commerce customers with their trading and working capital needs. With Wayflyer, we are able to provide structured loans and help our e-commerce customers build credentials within this asset class.” says Stuart Roberts, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, JP Morgan“This will be one of many innovations in JP Morgan’s e-commerce structured loans. We want to innovate in the industry and provide capital to our customers as they face high growth rates and need reliable capital to meet this. growth.”

About Wayflyer

Founded in September 2019, Wayflyer helps e-commerce companies around the world reach their growth potential by providing a range of financing and analytics solutions that improve cash flow, drive sales and optimize the supply chain.

By offering affordable, undisputed, unsecured capital, qualified companies gain the flexibility to secure ad space and inventory, paving the way for growth and profitability. Wayflyer’s unique and free analytics platform also analyzes e-commerce companies’ marketing performance on a daily basis, giving them qualitative data and tangible insights to improve their performance.

Wayflyer acts as a growth platform for e-commerce businesses. It gives them a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the working capital they need, along with data-driven knowledge and insight to use their capital optimally.

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