Regional manufacturing industry invests in smart connections

Prior to the season’s final match between PEC Zwolle and PSV (1-2), the season’s last regional competition was also on the program. With the theme: innovation, meeting and connections in the regional manufacturing industry.

Today’s chairman Klaas Feenstra took the guests into the meeting’s program. The Zwolle region has beautiful very innovative companies in the manufacturing industry. Entrepreneurs have joined forces in innovation clusters, which has strengthened the industry. This has resulted in innovative breeding sites such as Perron038, Noordoostpolder Innovation Cluster and IQ BLVD in the Zwolle region.

Brainport as a basis

The opponent from Eindhoven has as main sponsor Brainport Eindhoven, where groundbreaking innovations in the manufacturing industry are created. The Zwolle region also has beautiful high-tech companies and is bursting with ambition. The competition was the reason for Region Zwolle United, Kennispoort Region Zwolle, Province of Overijssel in collaboration with Perron038, IQ BLVD and Innovation Cluster Noordoostpolder to bring entrepreneurs from these three innovation clusters together.

Connect smart

Maarten Offinga (mayor of Hardenberg municipality) told about his experiences as a current mayor and his past as an entrepreneur in three different companies. Entrepreneurs often want to run fast, but their dot on the horizon is unknown. Finding smart connections, making contacts and listening to each other is important in modern entrepreneurship. The youth are crucial in this, they have a different view of the world and have knowledge of new techniques and tools, Offinga said.

National program supports hubs

The national Smart Industry program was highlighted by Eveline Langedijk (Smart Industry Program Manager for FME). In the coming years, the program will focus on making complex digital technology usable for companies. In this, the step from consciousness must be translated into wanting and being able to help with the companies’ technology. Smart Industry has 50 field laboratories in five regional Smart Industry Hubs.

Innovation clusters Zwolle region

Marius Woldberg (Perron038) told about Perron038, where they work with the technology of the future through a new factory with vision technology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Bob Soetekouw (Innovation Cluster Noordoostpolder) emphasized that social innovation is important and that young people are enthusiastic about the metal industry. Mireille Kinket (IQ BLVD) talked about the importance of sharing talents among employees so people can help each other and learn from each other.

Investment in the future

The last part of the content program was for Jacco Vonhof (chairman of MKB-Nederland). In his inspirational speech, he urged those in attendance to continue investing in the future. Precisely because both current and future generations will reap the benefits. Continuing to innovate is extremely important: the state must continue to offer entrepreneurs sufficient (financial) leeway for this, by not putting the accounts of (short-term) setbacks with the entrepreneurs. After the content-rich program, the company PEC Zwolle – PSV (1-2) watched the match from the skybox in the Clubhuis Region Zwolle.

Main economic structure

The Zwolle region has the ambition to complement the main economic structure of the Netherlands and to be the fourth economic region in the Netherlands by 2030. This is referred to by the Financial Times as “squaring the triangle”, where the Zwolle region complements the economic region. the main structure of the Netherlands as the fourth corner, next to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. A strengthening of the ties within this main economic structure was the reason for arranging this meeting.

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