Student Consultant adds 19 new consultants to the network

Student Consultant has added nineteen new consultants to the team divided into two classes.

In February and March 2022, Student Consultant again hired new groups of consultants. With the new addition, the agency’s network – which started in 2020 – has grown to more than 50 consultants.

“With a view to our goal of becoming the largest student consulting firm in the Netherlands, we will continue to recruit ambitious students for the foreseeable future,” said co-founders Jorick Schilken and Reno Kochanowski.

February party

Deborah Luijendijk currently doing master’s strategic management at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. With its results-oriented approach, Deborah will strive to provide companies with a solution to diverse and complex issues.

“At Studenterkonsulent, I can apply my already acquired theoretical knowledge in practice by carrying out challenging projects and further developing myself professionally.”

Aafke Delissen is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business at Maastricht University. She looks forward to gaining a lot of experience from Student Consultant with her eagerness to learn.

“The diversity and multicultural background of my studies allows me to learn about many different topics, as well as about different cultures.”

Also Colin Eijer studies at the University of Maastricht. He is studying for a bachelor’s degree in Economics & Business Economics last year. During his studies, he acquired knowledge in management, strategy and economics.

“By constantly developing myself, along with experienced consultants, I not only improve myself, but also improve the quality of my projects.”

Ryan van der Burgha Like Aafke and Colin, he is also a student at Maastricht University, where he is pursuing a master’s degree in Sustainable Finance. In addition, he pursued the bachelor’s degree in economics and business economics.

“Student consultant gives me the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge in practice and further develop myself professionally with a team full of ambitious top students.”

Kez edema is the fourth of the couple to study at the University of Maastricht in this new generation. During his bachelor’s degree in International Business, he developed his interests in accounting and strategy.

“The prior knowledge that I have gained with my Bachelor of International Business and the Student Consultancy team consisting of diligent students gives me the perfect opportunity to grow as a person in the business world.”

Maaike Willekes follows the master Marketing Analytics at Tilburg University after completing the bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Economics. With her analytical skills, she is determined to help companies as a consultant.

“During my studies, I have acquired analytical skills, and my interest in consulting has been ignited. At Studenterkonsulent, I get the opportunity to put these competencies into practice and expand them by providing high-quality strategic advice to our customers. ”

Also Youri Steel studies at Tilburg University. He is pursuing a master’s degree in Marketing Management. With his interest in strategic issues, he looks forward to implementing various quality projects at different companies.

“I am happy that I can further develop myself as a consultant at Studenterkonsulent, and that I can now develop my knowledge at various companies and projects.”

Nick Beukenkamp After completing his bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence at Radboud University in Nijmegen, he moved to Utrecht University to pursue a master’s degree in artificial intelligence. During his studies, he developed his interests in data analysis and mechanical engineering.

“Student Consultant allows me to gain broad work experience from various companies, where practice sometimes teaches you more than theory.”

Lisa van Leeuwen is working on his Bachelor of Psychology & Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology. There she follows a trail in computer science.

“Student Consultant helps me see my qualities and to develop myself further.”

Like Lisa follows Roeland Hooijmans a study at Eindhoven University of Technology. He is about to complete his master’s degree in industrial and applied mathematics. With his analytical approach, he looks forward to delivering meticulous results at various companies.

“As a consultant, I can use my theoretical knowledge and apply it in practice to solve complex problems and at the same time develop professionally.”

March party

Fabian van Riesen is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration at Tilburg University. Here he acquires knowledge of management accounting, finance and supply chain management.

“To be a fresh look for companies and a link between academic knowledge and practice. That’s what drives me! “

Also Jordy Haverkamp Follows like Fabian International Business Administration at Tilburg University. Jordy is happy to advise companies on strategic or financial matters.

“Student consultant gives me the foundation for a career in consulting. Due to the group of ambitious students, challenging projects and training courses from high quality consulting companies, this is the place where I can continue to develop. ”

Jasper phases is currently in the final stages of his bachelor’s degree in econometrics and operations research at Maastricht University. He then continued with the Master Quantitative Finance at Erasmus University.

“I want to help companies make smarter strategic choices through data-driven solutions.”

Daan ten Dolle is in his second year of the Bachelor of Business Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam. With his critical and analytical vision, he looks forward to supporting companies with his knowledge.

“Student Consultant is the company where, in addition to my theoretical studies, I can develop optimally by gaining practical experience in the consulting world.”

Yuri Donath is in the process of completing his Bachelor of Business Administration. Yuri wants to elevate projects to a higher level with his knowledge and experience.

“I look forward to further discovering here what Consulting means to me and to being able to contribute to the realization of a successful project.”

Wout Berends is studying economics and business economics at Radboud University in Nijmegen. Here he develops his skills in economics, finance and accounting.

“Student consultant gives me the opportunity to develop my hard and soft competencies in business alongside my studies. I look forward to being able to help companies with challenging issues through a combination of broadly acquired knowledge and further development of competencies. ”

Eveline Verhage is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation at Tilburg University. Due to her entrepreneurial background, she expects to be able to fill her toolbox further in order to tackle various issues effectively.

“I hope to be able to express my insightful point of view as I acquire more skills at Student Consultant, practice makes perfect.”

Max Louwaard is currently in his third year of International Business at Maastricht University. Having acquired the most theoretical knowledge, Student Consultant is the ideal way to apply this knowledge in a practical way.

“I look forward to applying my international experience and knowledge and developing myself with Student Consultant.”

Bram van Zon completes his bachelor’s degree in business administration at Radboud University in Nijmegen. He also completed a minor in computer science and information science.

“At Studenterkonsulent, I get the chance to put my current knowledge to the test, but also question it based on the challenging projects offered here.”

Thom Zoomers follows the bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation at Tilburg University. Here he works in innovative ways to start companies and solve problems in creative ways.

“At Student Consultant, I have the opportunity to challenge and learn by working with others on projects that help organizations move forward.”

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