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What does a …If you look at our job description, you will see special features. A field service engineer, a laboratory technician or an assembly worker: We obviously need them badly, but for what and why? In this series, someone talks about their subject every week. Today: Waronne van den Brink-van Rumpt (29). She is the APK Sample Inspector at RDW.

What exactly are you doing?
,, As a random check, I supervise companies with APK certification. We randomly check if the APK is executed correctly. In this way, together we ensure safe traffic on the road. ”

What does your day look like then?
,, At half past eight I open my laptop at home and then I get the company through where I am going. The inspector for the company I am visiting has made a MOT on a car, which I then perform again. This way I can check if the APK has been executed correctly. “

What if the judge’s judgment in your opinion is incorrect?
“If I do not agree with the judge’s decision, I will discuss it. This can mean that the judge and the company get cusum points, this is what the companies call penalty points. If I have no comments and the MOT has been carried out correctly, the inspector and the company will receive bonus points. ”

Are companies looking forward to your arrival?
,, I sometimes come at the busiest time of the day or during the break. Most companies say: it’s part of the job, and we know it. But there are also companies that are not very excited about my arrival. ”

How did you get into this subject?
,, I worked for 15 years as a technical specialist for trucks in a workshop. I also performed APKs there myself. I have been working at RDW since January. The shift was exciting for me, it’s one thing to suddenly work ‘on the other side’. Everyone knows RDW and sometimes has an opinion ready. “

And do you like it?
“Yes, I really like it. My work is varied: I see a lot of different companies and meet a lot of people. And I really love the car technology.”

What’s the funniest thing?
“I like to contribute to the security around me. That cars drive safely and well on the road. And I really enjoy seeing a lot of companies and having good contacts. ”

What did you really remember?
“That I heard cheers outside when they saw a woman come to take the sample. Of the 400 sample inspectors in the Netherlands, only five are women. I am not used to anything else, because I have also worked for years in the workshop, where primarily work. men.”


Of the 400 sample controllers in the Netherlands, only five are women. I’m not used to anything else

What’s less fun?
,, It is sometimes a challenge if I have a different opinion about an MOT than the judge. Then you must discuss the decision together. ”

What skills are important?
“In addition to technical knowledge, it is important to be able to remain calm in certain situations. Sometimes you have to think along and have empathy with the judge. And every day is different, so you also have to be flexible. ”

How is the balance between work and private life?
,,Very good. The bit of freedom you get is very nice to me. Of course you have to work your hours, but you are free to organize your time yourself. Now I can take my children to school first, and I am more flexible when they are sick. ”

Do you stay until you retire?
“I will definitely continue to do this work until further notice. I am now an APK 2 spotchecker, which means I am checking passenger cars. Soon I will be going to MOT 1 so I can also check heavier vehicles, such as trucks. There “There are many career opportunities in RDW. So I do not expect to be gone for the time being.”

Do you want to lose something?
,, I always find it important that car owners maintain a car all year round. You can think about the tire pressure, the tire profile and the lights. ”

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