AND Digital gets (people) to work with onboarding

In January, AND Digital became number two in the UK edition of ‘Best Place to Work’. Also in the Netherlands, the originally British IT company, which opened its Amsterdam office in June last year, has the ambition of being one of the best employers.

Despite the tight labor market, AND Digital is successful in attracting IT talent. As in the UK, the focus on ‘people first’ is also bearing fruit in our country. In less than a year, the Dutch AND Digital team grew to 65 people.

What makes AND Digital such an attractive employer? Daragh Gillen, responsible for the onboarding strategy, explains why the company has been so successful in attracting and especially retaining talent.

“To begin with, our onboarding is separate from other HR-related activities. We do not even do onboarding. It is almost like breakfast – the most important part of the start of a day – in this case of a further career in our company. With our “onboarding process, we immediately create a safe environment where our talents quickly feel at home. We have a special onboarding team for that.”

Distinctive approach

Our ‘people value proposition’ plays a central role in the onboarding process. We firmly believe that people can fully develop if you give them the support they need. Half of the new employees decide within three weeks whether they want to stay in a company in the longer term. It takes an average of about six weeks to become familiar with a business. “

“We start with some simple onboarding activities three weeks before the first working day; a few emails and a small gift so that new employees feel welcome before they even start. ”

Trouble with technology the first day of work, who does not recognize it? Almost 40% of employees encounter this when starting a new job. Not a comfortable start. “We want to prevent that. AND Digital ensures that all systems are set up properly before a new employee’s first working day.”

ANDuction and its own ANDi

“You can start the first day by designating the workplace, handing out a laptop and telling people what to do. But it does not make them feel at home. Therefore, the first week in the workplace starts with an ANDuction. With a strong focus on the company’s people and culture. One of the great advantages of our approach is that new talent feels comfortable so quickly. ”

Another significant part of AND Digital’s onboarding process is the buddy system. “We introduce every new employee to an ANDi – as we call our employees – who performs the same function and to whom the new employee can ask all his questions. Making friends at work is the best way to get used to a new job, according to half (49%) of employees. Such a friend is therefore a really good start! ”

“After ANDuction, a three-week bootcamp will start, where we will dive deeper into our ways of working. It is the core of our business and it helps to better understand the work and thus also each other. The added value of this bootcamp is that everyone gets to work in a safe environment. You can just make mistakes without being judged for it. ”

“You get feedback, you give feedback and you get to know each other and at the same time our work really well. After that, everyone starts working with a lot of confidence! ”

Having fun at work is important, but also developing new skills. More than half of millennials (52%) find career opportunities and personal growth most desirable in the workplace. AND Digital wants to offer those opportunities. In this way, every employee has the opportunity to obtain a scrum master certification in his first weeks.

It doesn’t matter what position you work in. “About eighty percent of our team has this certification. As one of the few HR professionals, I’m probably also a scrum master.”

Specifically for the onboarding at AND Digital, where a wide range of nationalities work, the focus is on working with people with different cultural backgrounds. “Our onboarding team is constantly learning, each onboarding process provides new insights. This allows us to continually improve our onboarding.”

The key to success

Organizations with strong onboarding and standardized processes increase employee retention by 50% and improve productivity by 54%, research shows. “Our onboarding process is very successful, especially because we manage to build trust and a sense of security.”

“How we set up that process is important, but even more important is the implementation of our onboarding team. That is the key to our success. Onboarding is also people’s work.”

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