Discontinued Maasvalleiwonen donates money to Technopromo

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REGION | Maasvallei living will cease to exist. After more than twelve years, the curtain is falling for the partnership within (reconstruction) and housing in the region. The foundation closes in the style of a € 12,500 check to the Technopromo Foundation to contribute to technology education in the region.

The Maasvalleiwonen Foundation is best known in the region for the building and housing fair that the collective arranged. This took place five times. In the first year in the empty space next to the Maasziekenhuis and the following times in the Inspyrium in Cuijk. The purpose of the fair was to show the inhabitants what the region has to offer in terms of housing and renovation. “We wanted to keep trade in the region,” said President Herbert Smedema. “In short, that was the goal when we started in the winter of 2010. At the same time, Maasvalleiwonen grew into a valuable entrepreneurial network.”

Precursor to ‘buy locally’
Maasvalleiwonen started as an internet portal with about forty companies in the region. One website for all housing needs. From construction company to real estate agent, from gardener to notary, from moving company to painter; everything within (re) building and (re) housing. The website offered consumers in the region a selection of reputable companies and showed what the region has to offer. For why go far when it can be found close by? Even before ‘buy locally’ became a well-known slogan, it was Maasvalleiwonen’s view. The founders realized that entrepreneurs and businesses need to know each other to make this happen. Therefore, the affiliated entrepreneurs visited each other’s companies and knowledge and experiences were shared. This created a valuable and strong network that already a few years after its foundation consisted of more than sixty companies.

Herbert Smedema: “Maasvallei life actually served two purposes. First, the Internet portal and the communication around it were a real marketing tool. For example, we have been filling a page in this newspaper for years. Companies that would otherwise never advertise were thus portrayed. Not with an ad, but with a backstory. Second, entrepreneurs in the region got to know each other because we met three times a year. What used to be a competitor became a colleague. Experiences were shared and beautiful partnerships emerged. Also, do not forget that we were talking about a period of twelve years. Then the world looked different. The Internet had a different role and there was a crisis. “

Another world
A changed world is also the reason why the fund is now disbanding. The construction crisis has long since ceased to exist. In addition, entrepreneurs in the region know where to find each other, and local collaboration has gained ground. Networking is no longer reserved for executives in large companies, but is also commonplace for small entrepreneurs who have their feet in the mud every day. Leo van den Heuvel, one of the founders, knows that Maasvalleiwonen certainly contributed to this. The joint fair, which Van den Heuvel arranged up to five times, also created a good mutual atmosphere. “Attending a trade fair can quickly become ‘too much’ for smaller companies. But it worked with Maasvalleiwonen. ”

“Our goal has been reached.” With those words, the fund ceased to exist by the end of 2021. Corona brought an abrupt end to the network meetings and that is one of the reasons why the fund still had a large part of the contributions in cash. In consultation with the members, it was decided to donate this amount to the Technopromo Foundation to contribute to technical education in the region. Maasvalleiwonen has supported this fund right from the start. Technopromo was also present at the fairs and introduced many children to construction and renovation projects and the associated technology. “Employees of the future,” concludes Van den Heuvel and Smedema.

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