New opportunities for Brexit-affected companies

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is asking entrepreneurs affected by Brexit to register their business with the EU Trade Program. “We are spending € 32 million to support entrepreneurs affected by Brexit in their international ambitions,” said Marijn Leijten of RVO.

The purpose of the EU Trade Program is to support affected entrepreneurs in expanding their markets. 32 million euros are available for this from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, or in short BAR. This is a European support scheme for entrepreneurs who have been disadvantaged in business by Brexit.

RVO implements the BAR scheme on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK). RVO also uses networks and expertise of partners within Trade and Innovate NL, the industry and sector organizations and the Dutch missions abroad.

The EU Trade Program is the first part of the BAR available to Dutch businesses. Two additional compensation schemes will follow later for companies that have been affected by Brexit, “says Marijn Leijten.

Program manager at RVO
As host, Marijn Leijten and her team are responsible for the EU’s trade program. He hopes that companies that are eligible for this will sign up as soon as possible. Even if there is not a finished program ready for them after their enrollment.

Leijten explains why: “We think it is important that our services are relevant and have an impact. So we go into discussions with the participants to find out what they need. We develop appropriate support based on this. Are entrepreneurs in an orientation phase – they may want advice on their trading strategy for a particular country or area. If they are already one step further, an exhibition participation or trade mission may be what they need. There is much that is possible, but the program Unfortunately, it will only run until the end of 2023. possible for entrepreneurs, so it is important that they sign up quickly. “

Joining other entrepreneurs within a sector or region
Leijten asks entrepreneurs to also point out the scheme to their colleagues in the sector or region affected by Brexit. “Together with representatives of the sectors and regions, we will also set up collective programs. For those who want to expand the sales market to country X with like-minded entrepreneurs, we can also deploy the Dutch postal network of embassies, consulates and NBSOs abroad. For example. to conduct market research. Or to organize collective activities, such as a trade fair visit or a trade mission. “

Leijten emphasizes that the program offers entrepreneurs exclusive services: “All services and activities offered are only available to those who sign up for this program. It is therefore a shame when an entrepreneur misses such a great opportunity. While they may have access to tailor-made advice or free access to trade fairs or trade missions. “

“The program provides good opportunities to expand the network and gain new knowledge and skills. In addition, we support entrepreneurs where possible with very practical services. For example, getting the website translated. The point on the horizon is that they will soon do business successfully. in other countries as well. ”

Log in with documents from the administration
Entrepreneurs can access the program if they can demonstrate that they already did business with the UK before 31 January 2021. RVO asks to substantiate with some documents from the existing administration that they have been commercially affected by Brexit.

“You may have lost revenue or market share. But even if that is not the case, entrepreneurs could be disadvantaged by barriers to trade. By signing up, we ask you to upload the latest VAT and intra-Community VAT services. Depending on the situation. There are more on the way. If you can not get them out of your administration yourself, it must be arranged quickly with a phone call to the accountant. “

You can register online at It takes about 5 minutes to complete the registration form once all the documents have been collected. After the form has been sent, you will be notified within 14 days of admission to the program.

The rent may be obvious to entrepreneurs who are wondering what else it will cost them to participate in the program. “Time, travel costs and attention that they usually also put into developing their business. That’s what they need to get the most out of the EU’s trade program. But for services and activities that would otherwise cost thousands of euros, pay those who do not participate. “

Eligibility for BAR compensation plans
It is expected that entrepreneurs will also be able to apply for other parts of the BAR business scheme in the second half of 2022. Leijten advises them not to miss anything: “If you sign up for the EU trade program, you will automatically receive the latest news on the two compensation schemes “coming. These make a contribution to Brexit-related costs that have been incurred or have not yet come. A total of € 218 million is available for these schemes. A separate application procedure follows for this.”

Source: RVO

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