STL: ‘Developments in the labor market require an agile personnel policy’

STL: ‘Developments in the labor market require an agile personnel policy’


The labor market in the transport and logistics sector is tight. The latest figures indicate that there are currently around 9,000 vacancies for truck drivers. And more than 16,000 vacancies for logistics staff. And so it will remain for years to come. How do you react to this as a company? This can be done, for example, by making more use of the potential of your existing people. That way you keep your good people and you also become more attractive to new people and sideways.

In this issue of Brand Stories, the Transport and Logistics Sector Institute (STL) explains how you as an employer can respond flexibly to the challenges in the labor market. From today. And tomorrow. Logistics organizations are full of inspiring and informative stories. In Brand Stories, these are told directly to you by them.

‘Important reasons for the tight labor market are a growing economy combined with an aging population and fewer and fewer young people,’ says Lisette van Herk. She has been behind the wheel of STL since September 1, as the new director. With a father as a truck driver, transportation and logistics are at her roots. She used to drive regularly on her father’s truck, and she was taught the pride and passion of this sector with the legendary spoon. A dynamic sector that keeps the economy going. An industry that matters.

to be agile

“Without people, everything comes to a standstill. The world is constantly changing. It is important that you as a company are and remain agile and distinctive. And that employees can move with changes in the sector, for example due to technological developments. ‘ And that’s exactly what her colleagues at STL have enjoyed doing for companies for years, she continues.

‘Because we know the sector and the labor market, we can really make an impact. It also attracted me to this new job. I would like to draw attention to what we can all do for entrepreneurs. For example, the role of our sector advisers. They are a trusted sounding board for logistics and transportation entrepreneurs and advise on how personnel policy can help achieve your business goals. They look with you, they think with you, and they can advise on solutions based on extensive market knowledge. ‘

Tried and tested

She immediately mentions a few examples: ‘If, for example, you have a shortage of staff, or an absenteeism rate that is too high, you are worried about the aging of your workforce, you want to know if there are subsidies for education and retraining or refresher courses one of our sector advisors. They have all been tried and tested in the logistics world and know their ropes. They know the possibilities, they know where the possibilities lie. In addition, they can quickly switch with the specialists at STL in the areas of sustainable employability, career coaching, safe and healthy work, absence prevention, BBL programs and so on. There is also a job bank with interesting candidates, and the advisers have an up-to-date knowledge of developments in the labor market. We also offer our services for free to SOOB companies in the sector. ‘

Entrepreneurs can also inspire each other with their experiences – why reinvent the wheel? The sector advisers therefore hold regular network meetings with entrepreneurs in logistics and transport on topics such as outflow prevention, generational management, the effect of technological development, social innovation and absence prevention. There are also labor markets with potential lateral actors. Van Herk: ‘We note that entrepreneurs greatly appreciate this. One person’s experience is a learning moment for the other, and vice versa. This is how you also move forward ‘.

More fun at work

STL’s advisers visit hundreds of companies every year. And with a compact employability scan, for example, they can quickly make a sharp analysis of the challenges of a company, but also help tackle them.

Van Herk: ‘If you pay attention to people’s needs and see where their opportunities lie, you suddenly see opportunities. Then you can make better use of your people, job satisfaction increases and sickness absence decreases. And, which is just as important: you see how you can keep your people inside. It is difficult to recruit new people in this tight labor market. That is why we believe that investing in retaining your employees is our first priority. And if we record the reactions from the companies we have helped in recent years, then it also works. That way, you also help increase your profits. ‘

To bring movement together

STL is an independent organization founded by and for the sector to ensure more influx and less departure. Van Herk: ‘It is precisely this independent position that enables us to provide objective advice and guidance. We help entrepreneurs and the people who work there get moving and help them along the way. So people enjoy going to work and staying. This is especially important at this time, because the sector will not lack challenges in the coming years. My call: Make an appointment to discuss how your business stays agile. We would love to talk to you! ‘

This story was told to you by STL.


Logistics companies and organizations are full of inspiring and informative stories. In Brand Stories, these are told directly to you by them.

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