The spearheads of Nieuw Elan, VVD, CDA and D66

Up until the local elections, all parties have made a case for their own spearheads. Nieuw Elan, VVD, CDA and D66 have now reached a joint coalition agreement. The question then is: what have they achieved with their own electoral program?

In Alphens Magazine from the end of 2021, all four coalition partners at the beginning of the election campaigns shed light on what they want to achieve for Alphen aan den Rijn municipality in the next four years. It was already clear at the time which portfolios these parties preferred when supplying councilors to the new College of Mayors and Councilors.

Both Nieuw Elan councilors wanted to keep ‘their own’ portfolio and continue the work. Gerard van As on housing and economics, Gert-Jan Schotanus on sports, education and neighborhoods and core politics. As VVD rapporteur, Anouk Noordermeer got exactly what she wanted most: social affairs and participation. CDA has also taken advantage of a number of preferences, Relus Breeuwsma will have the outdoor area in combination with tourism & recreation plus traffic & transport. It is no surprise that Gert van den Ham has to manage the finances for D66. But in terms of sustainability, the catch is that the waste policy goes to the CDA.

Housing is not becoming such a big issue politically. The municipal council and thus also the coalition partners are on the same page: ‘we’ need housing. Van As has focused on Gnephoek for years and it will not be any different in the coming period. This location has been named in the coalition agreement. The lobbying of the national and provincial governments continues unabated.

A stop block for the coming years will be the price tag. Of course, social housing must be built, but the housing shortage for middle-income people is at least as great. And, Van As states, more expensive housing must also be built for the transition, but above all to be able to finance a new construction plan.

Sports and education
Sport and education have made significant progress in recent years. It will primarily be a continuation of the policy. The approach is an integrated and preventive policy for a vital life for all residents.

Two important projects are now in the pipeline: a 400-meter-long ice rink and a large multifunctional sports facility, also known as the Klein Ziggo Dome. Both projects are supported by the coalition, but there is opposition from opposition parties in the city council.

Social conditions and participation
What needs to be achieved in social affairs is clear. The road to that, however, is different for the new VVD councilor than before. The implementation must be better and result-oriented with more regional cooperation. Long waiting lists are a thorn in the side of Noordermeer, for the government must ensure that people are helped. Care can also be better coordinated if one first thinks of people and only then does the government come into the picture. The basics need to be improved, and then the government needs to be there when needed.

Security of supply, participation through work and income, is very important for all coalition partners. Anyone who has an income can participate in society. Therefore, fixed agreements are made, non-binding is excluded.

Exterior area and traffic
The outdoor area, including agriculture, is important to CDA, as is the friendly character throughout the municipality. Connect all qualities and locations together, and Alphen aan den Rijn is a great crowd puller and the recreational center of the green heart. Councilor Breeuwsma can pick up and elaborate on this CDA position. In this context, the policy pursued by his predecessor, CDA rapporteur Kees van Velzen, elaborates.

Elaboration of existing policy is also to solve the bottlenecks in Boskoop with another river crossing and in Hazerswoude-Dorp. The Kerk en Zanen district also needs to be made more accessible and public transport can be improved.

Financing and sustainability
The D66 has sounded the alarm when it comes to fiscal policy for many years. Even during the election. The most important topics in the coming years are: a home for all, sustainable lifestyles, better education and attention to culture. But these spearheads need a solid municipal economic foundation through a better local economy. The financial basis can now come from D66: put your money where your mouth is.

Sustainability is also an issue that D66 has traditionally paid a lot of attention to. The motto for the coming period is: stop vague plans and get started! That’s what Van den Ham wants to do. The difference of opinion in the new coalition on waste has been resolved by not placing this problem with the D66, but with the CDA.

The complete coalition agreement 2022-2026 is here

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