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Text: Nick Galea, CTO & Founder, 3CX

The economy has recovered after COVID and a new world of communication has emerged that has changed the parameters of doing business. Working remotely is a must for any business and it happens in the cloud. Small businesses need a communication platform that is easy to set up and manage and that handles both calls and messages. 3CX is infinitely simpler than its traditional PBX counterparts and also available in the cloud, but recently we’ve seen the emergence of “cloud native” platforms that challenge 3CX in their own way.

Addressing 3CX pain points

Yes 3CX has pain points: It requires IT skills to set up. Setup costs are a black box for small businesses. A dedicated hosted or on-premise instance is required, and then you need to configure and manage a SIP trunk. It’s not rocket science, and you can do it fast, but you can not be an IT novice. And the administration console has features and functions that are not necessarily necessary for smaller businesses. Finally, our sim call license, which is great for medium to large businesses, is not easy to understand for smaller businesses.

Cloud Native 3CX

To address these pain points, we built a “cloud native” instance of 3CX. We set up users, SIP trunk * and live chat at login. Your 3CX will be fully charged in minutes. Continuous administration of extensions is easy as managers or receptionists can do so from the web client without accessing the administration console. And the icing on the cake? Hosting costs and system administration are no longer required.

New edition: 3CX StartUP

This new cloud native edition 3CX StartUP is available as FREE or PRO. PRO can be purchased for up to 10 or up to 20 users. Startup FREE stays free forever and allows you to create up to 10 users. You can set up live chat, 3CX Talk links and even a caller group. With StartUP PRO 10 you can add your own SIP trunk, DID numbers and a multi-level IVR with a queue. You can also connect IP phones in this edition. StartUP PRO 20 offers the same for up to 20 users.

No cost per user per month!

Most online communication platforms charge a high price per. user per month. Some even up to $ 35 a month! And that is regardless of whether the extension is widely used or not. For a small business with e.g. 10 users, this equates to a full $ 4000 + per year! That’s not the case with 3CX, we charge a low annual rate of $ 150 or $ 250. All you need to add is your own SIP trunk account and pay for your calls. In total, you will probably save thousands a year on your telecommunications costs. See here the new price page that will be available for purchase at the final release.

So how does StartUP fit into our partner model? Seamless! Smaller customers are often too expensive to operate on a dedicated server. With StartUP, partners can get on board with their customers faster and at minimal cost. We will automatically assign StartUP customers to partners when we begin commercial rollout. In addition, the next release of 3CX will allow resellers to install 3CX in boot mode (meaning you can install hundreds of cloud instances on a single server), making it much more cost-effective to support smaller customers.

3CX STD, PRO and ENT editions?

And what will happen to the Standard, PRO and Enterprise editions? These will continue to exist as our “dedicated” instances, suitable for medium to large companies with more complex telephone system requirements.

Try 3CX StartUP

Existing customers and partners:

  • Go to the ‘Systems’ page in the customer portal

  • Click the ‘Add Systems’ button in the upper right corner

  • From here you will be asked to select your 3CX version, select: Hosted> Up to 10 users

  • Complete the steps to add users and conversation links.

New customers

  • Sign up for a new 3CX account and follow the 4 easy steps in the setup wizard.

  • So join the forum and let us know what you think!

* 1 – The SIP trunk setup feature is not available in this alpha version

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