Millions for beauty review platform We Are Eves – ING joins razor manufacturer Boldking

1. We Are Eves raises millions

Beauty review platform We Are Eves says it has raised 4 million euros in three years. The most recent investment round was led by an undisclosed Dutch family office. Nicolaj Reffstrup (founder of the fashion brand Ganni) and Heini Zachariassen, founder of the wine app Vivino also joined the start-up of Esther Leloux and Julie Hotchkin. In addition, Joanna Ventures, a platform that connects female angel investors to startups of female founders, is joining.

With the millions raised, the company wants to expand in the UK and test a new business model, with a shop-in-shop. Investors lined up, Leloux told Quote. ‘In December we had two term sheets lie. Of course, we looked at the valuation, but also at ticket sizes as parties can do. ‘ We Are Eves expects to complete another capital round in the summer of 2023.

2. ING joins razor service Boldking

ING’s investment arm has acquired a minority stake in the razor blade manufacturer Boldking for an undisclosed amount. This is stated by Het Financieele Dagblad. With the growth money, Boldking wants to conquer a place on the shelves of European pharmacies and supermarkets. The company Rochdi Darrazi and Tibo Tijs Diepenhorst say it has 750,000 customers in eleven European countries. Initially, the company only sold online, but since 2020, the products are also available on Etos. Last year, the startup wrote black numbers for the first time, partly because there is no more stunting with prices. On the website, ING Corporate Investments focuses mainly on minority interests of 2.5 to 10 million euros.

3. eLeaf sells the majority stake

eLeaf, which specializes in the processing and analysis of satellite data for agriculture, has sold a majority stake to the data service provider Itiity Group and the digital networking platform Agricultural Intelligence Center. The exact size of the majority of shares as well as the purchase price paid is not stated. Wageningen eLeaf, which now has 40 employees, was founded in 2011 by Ad Bastiaansen and the brothers Wim and Frans Bastiaanssen (with double s).

4. Vortex is interested in Kees de Boekhouder

The investment fund Vortex Capital, which raised 75 million last year, takes a shareholding in Kees de Boekhouder. The company claims to be the Dutch market leader in the accounting of self-employed and small entrepreneurs. Kees de Boekhouder has sixty employees and a turnover of between 5 and 10 million euros. It is unclear how large Vortex’s stake in the Amsterdam company is, as well as what has been paid for the interest.

5. Gorillas marble three hundred men on the boulders

So it’s going fast. Flash delivery company Gorillas is laying off 300 office workers, while less than seven months ago $ 1 billion was raised from investors. The company says it will leave Denmark, Belgium, Spain and Italy on the road to profitability. Together, these markets would account for less than 10 percent of sales. The majority of the laid off employees have worked for the flash suppliers for less than six months and are therefore easier to fire. A source tells Techcrunch that the company still has about $ 300 million in the bank while burning 50 to 75 million monthly.

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6. And then this: Hips! Pieter Pot goes on the circular wine bottle

The packaging-free online super Pieter Pot claims to be the first circular wine bottle in the Netherlands. The circular wine bottle would emit 36% less CO2 than bottles used once. The start-up also starts with refillable wine bottles and refillable bottles for specialty beers. Wine bottles can be recycled up to six times, beer bottles up to 25 times on average. The start-up of Jouri Schoemaker and Martijn Bijmolt hopes to save 200,000 packages with the bottles by 2022.

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