VDL receives order for 84 electric buses from Amsterdam GVB

VDL Bus & Coach has won a significant order for the supply of electric buses to Amsterdam’s public transport company GVB. The company supplies 54 VDL Citeas LF-122 and 30 copies of the new generation of LD-181 VDL Citeas to GVB. VDL is also responsible for the implementation of the associated charging infrastructure.

GVB has been using VDL electric buses for some time; the company has been using the vehicles since the end of 2019. There are currently 44 electric buses from GVB in Amsterdam. During the summer months, GVB will use 31 additional units, bringing the total number to 75. In all cases, these are VDL Citeas. GVB is now expanding this number further. VDL Bus & Coach delivers 54 VDL Citea LF-122 and 30 new generations of LD-181 VDL Citeas.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The switch from GVB to electric buses is part of Amsterdam Municipality’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in the city. ‘Roadmap Amsterdam Climate Neutral 2050’ has been prepared for this purpose. According to this roadmap, Amsterdam will reduce CO2 emissions by 5% in 2025, 55% in 2030 and 95% in 2050 compared to 1999. This also includes full emission-free bus transport of GVB in 2025.

The new buses that GVB has now ordered should be in operation in 2023. Eindhovens Dagblad reports that GVB has an option for a further 130 electric VDL Citeas.

Active for years with electric buses

VDL has been active with electric city buses for many years. In 2013, the company introduced the first VDL Citea SLF-120 Electric at the UITP Mobility & City Transport trade fair in Geneva. Since then, the technology has been further developed. Last year, VDL introduced the latest generation of electric VDL Citeas. It is equipped with an electric driveline and has no CO2 emissions.

The latest generation of electric VDL Citeas is equipped with floor-standing batteries, a one-piece composite sidewall, smart energy management, a climate system and an ergonomic driver environment. The Citeas are available in five types with four lengths: LF-122 and LE-122, LE-135, LE-149 and LF-181. LE stands for Low Entry and LF for Low Floor. The models will be in use this year in various cities and areas, including the Netherlands (Eindhoven), Finland (Kotka and Lahti), Belgium (all of Flanders), Germany (Oberhausen and Braunschweig) and France (Bordeaux).

‘Make Amsterdam a cleaner city’

President Willem van der Leegte from VDL Groep: “With the development of the new generation of VDL Citea, we have developed a versatile mobility platform that matches our customers’ sustainability ambitions. This also applies to GVB. In this way, we remain at the forefront of the public transport market, where we are the leader in Europe based on our more than 150 million electric kilometers.By signing this contract, we make an important contribution to making Amsterdam an even cleaner city for residents and visitors.We are proud to be able to “delivering buses to our capital again. GVB and VDL have worked together for many years. The continuation of this collaboration is a sign that it is successful.”

Claudia Zuiderwijk, general manager of GVB: “This order is a big step towards a more beautiful, cleaner and more sustainable Amsterdam public transport. More and more Amsterdam residents will experience that the roaring pull of the buses disappears from the cityscape, and that the air becomes cleaner if you cycle or walk in the area. ”

“With this order, the GVB fleet will in time also become completely VDL”, says Ard Romers, director of VDL Bus & Coach Holland. “GVB will phase out the last diesel buses and permanently switch to zero-emission VDL Citeas in Amsterdam. We are proud that, based on the trust that has been built over the past decade, we can continue our collaboration with the partners in this project. The Netherlands is a pioneer in Europe in the electrification of public transport, and VDL is happy to use its experience and expertise as a transition partner for this. More than 1,000 VDL Citeas now travel more than 135,000 electric kilometers every day in a large number of European cities and regions. ”

Large order

This is a significant order in the Netherlands and Europe. In 2019, the Chinese BYD won an order for the delivery of 259 buses to Keolis for the IJssel-Vecht concession. In response to this order, VDL’s CEO Van der Leegte expressed his concerns to FD about the impact of this on employment in the high – quality Dutch manufacturing industry. For a long time, this order from BYD was the largest bus order in Europe. Last month, however, Ebusco, which collects buses in Deurne, announced that it would supply up to 800 buses to Deutsche Bahn.

Author: Wouter Hoeffnagel
Photo: VDL Bus & Coach

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