Diamond wedding for Ben and Ilse

Akesloot – They have lived on Wagnerlaan for over fifty years, but that does not mean their life has been a noisy stream. During World War II, Ben de Graaf Bierbrauwer and Ilse Würtz got to know each other, and they have been inseparable ever since. The active couple had recently been married for sixty years.

Ben was born on August 17, 1937 in Amsterdam. He grew up in Argonautenstraat in Stadionbuurt. After his military service, he worked for several years as a teacher in the capital. Ilse was born on June 1, 1938 in Hamburg and later lived in Cologne. When asked how she met Ben, she answers: “During his military service, my father was in the German army as a doctor and was stationed in Amsterdam during the war. However, he did not agree with the German occupation and illegally transported many Jews to hiding places with a German ambulance from the Red Cross, in danger of his own life. That was the reason why my father was allowed to stay in Holland after the war and that my mother, my sister and I followed. My parents got a house in 1947 and came to live over Ben in Argonautenstraat. So we got to know each other at a young age. After school in high school, I immediately started working for Ketjen in Amsterdam-Noord. I wanted to study but did not get a scholarship because I was not Dutch. In the evenings, I took courses, including becoming a chemical analyst. In 1958 I became an analyst at the Royal Academy of Sciences, which had an institute in Nieuwersluis. I worked there for ten years as a researcher in water and sediments. “

The wedding picture of May 9, 1962. (Photo: included)


Ben takes over: ,, Around 1954 we fell in love and on May 9, 1962 we got married in Amsterdam. As a result, Ilse became Dutch. We lived at different addresses at the time, because it was not possible to get a full-fledged home. When in 1965 I had the opportunity to start working at a school in Loenen aan de Vecht and was assigned a house there, we got it. grabbed it with both hands. In the meantime, I had almost completed a training as a craft teacher, and in 1969 I was asked to become a teacher of visual arts and art history at Zaanlands Lyceum in Zaandam. I also said ‘yes’ to that. When we were looking for a house, we accidentally ended up in Akersloot and bought a house on Wagnerlaan, where we still enjoy living. I also always enjoyed my job until I retired in 2002. “

Ilse also talks about the highlights of her eventful life with Ben: “After we moved to Akersloot, I stopped working because of the birth of our daughter in 1969. Three years later, our son was born. In 1990 I picked up the thread again and started doing research work for the University of Leiden. I have been able to enjoy my pension since 2003. “

The Ardennes

In addition to their busy lives, the couple also found time for various hobbies. Ben: ,, Our big common hobby is traveling. In the early 1960s we discovered Greece and we have now been there 53 times. We have also visited many other countries. In the beginning we always camped, but now we go out with a motorhome.

We both played a lot of tennis and I still like billiards. I also photograph and write for my own website www.BGBpix.nl. ”

Ilse is very fond of reading and making textile forms of work. About the secret behind such a long-term relationship, she says: “We have many of the same kinds of interests, and we have always kept our own pursuits.”

Ben and Ilse’s 60th wedding anniversary was celebrated in the Ardennes with children and four grandchildren during the May holidays. “At home, some friends and neighbors are invited to dinner. By the way, we really appreciated that Mayor Mans took the time last Tuesday to congratulate us! “, Said the diamond couple. (Photo: Hans Boot)

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