Google Marketing Live 2022 | Everything you need to know

Google is also continuing to evolve in the field of video ads. Videos are already more important, but – if it’s up to Google – they will play an even more important role throughout the customer journey. Since last year, Google has been experimenting with Ads on YouTube Shorts† This beta will be rolled out in all advertising channels worldwide in a short time. They become part of the ‘video in action campaigns’.

In addition, Google is getting started Video ads on Discovery. Just to reach your target audience in the first exploratory phases of the customer journey. They discover your business as they scroll through all the content they see. Video is and will be an important spearhead for Google and therefore also for your business in the near future.

# 2 Business Messages Directly From Search Ads

Search, do not click, but chat directly from the search engine. This new ‘messages’ extension allows you to add a chat directly from text ads. For example, your business can be contacted directly from the search results to quickly ask a question. An expansion that can have quite an impact on your business.

Both positively and as a point of attention for your company, as far as we are concerned.

You can talk to your potential customers directly and convince them of your strength. Tempt them to make that click from your ad and to buy or request your product or service. So positive and judging by the example of the Indian bank, then it really works that way. They answered 40,000 questions directly in the search engine and got 1,300 leads of very high quality.

The point of attention may sound heavy, but your customer service needs to be really available. And fast! Quick questions from the search engine also need to be answered very quickly. Furthermore, I wonder if search engine users really find it helpful to ask questions in the search engine. Do they not just go to your customer service contact page?

A question that also remains with us as a result of this keynote, and which I, along with the other agencies, am curious about. Where should I read and handle the chats, what links do I need for this to work properly? The beta will be available by the end of 2022, so no doubt it will be clearer before then.

# 3 Active Directory Central to Google Ads

It has become clear during the keynote that it could all become more visual. To make it easier for advertisers to realize this, the Google Asset Library makes it accessible to all types of ads.

“It’s a one-stop-shop that allows you and your team to import and collaborate on and just organize all your image and video content.”

A good advantage is that you can integrate the asset library with Google Drive. So if you work with different parties on the same ads and terms in Google, you can be sure that you are all working with the same materials. A unique look online and always the guarantee that you do not degrade your house style. In our opinion a valuable and beautiful addition of functionality.

# 4 Making videos directly

Data is the magic word! Because Google has been collecting data for years, it can increasingly ‘generate’ itself on the basis of machine learning. Thanks to the Central Asset Library, they go a step further in video. It will soon be possible to get videos generated by Google directly from the new asset library. You can publish these videos directly as a video ad on YouTube. Making these videos can be done in less than 60 seconds.

As Vidhya Srinivasan himself says: “I can not even pop a bag of popcorn in 60 seconds.”

You need at least five elements in your Asset Library, including a logo and an image to create a great video. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what the quality of the videos Google can generate will be. No doubt this feature gets better and better as more people use it. There is then more data on which Google can base the videos.

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