HCI 100 Technology Festival an experience for young and old


Active end of the anniversary year

By Liesbeth Spaansen

HENGELO – The centenary Hengelosche Cement Industry (HCI) started in 2021 with the festive unveiling of a new roof on the company building in Hengelo. Under the watchful eye of 200 employees from the five HCI locations and many former employees, the yellow-gray canvas was hoisted from the roof with bangs and fireworks. To mark the end of the anniversary party with a bang, a large Technology Festival will be held on Saturday 11 June from 10 am to 4 pm at the square in Hengelo.

“Fortunately, over the past year we have also been able to organize campaigns and activities for our customers,” says Bouwcenter HCI Director Loek Wensink. “We served whipped cream, later treated to fish, also gave a chair massage and a scratch card campaign was held. And we have rotated an F1 race simulator everywhere. Customers can compete for the title of “Fastest Construction Worker”. The grand final of this competition is on June 11. “

‘We celebrate’
“We want to let customers and relationships celebrate our anniversary. We present our company with tours of the concrete factory and the showroom, ”explains director Wim Lubbers’ plans. “At our factory, people can cast concrete themselves, a maximum of 25 kilos, they must bring their own form for this. Suppliers can show some of their business and there are tastings one can walk through a bathroom with VR glasses, there is a digital wall where one can swipe facing bricks and joints. A demolition and earthworks worker brings an excavator, a truck shows how the blind spot works, the fire department gives a demonstration and much more. It’s all on the special website. “

Companies located around HCI on the business park and suppliers are present and Technieklokaal Doetinchem also has a space. “There will also be an air cushion for the youngest children,” says Wim. “But the big eye-catcher is the Ferris wheel. This allows you to see our site from a height of 22 meters. ”

Get to know HCI
Due to the many activities for young and old, the organizers of the Techniekfestijn hope to make visitors enthusiastic about the Bouwcenter and the concrete industry. “We are a regional company, we want people to get to know us. The employees can tell their relatives and acquaintances and also show them what they do at work, ”explains Wim. The ‘concrete soup’ made of sand, cement, gravel and water is now self-compacting. Mirror molds are made in furniture quality, in which the concrete is poured. Thanks to today’s technology, there is not even a need for earplugs, there is almost no noise at the factory. “We want to show in the best possible way what can be done here and what techniques are available,” adds Loek. “We hope that this will also interest people, especially young people, in coming to work with us. After all, youth is the future. ”

History of HCI
In 1921, the contractors Albert Gasseling and Evert Jan Lubbers began working together in Lubbers’ house on Vordenseweg 4. On October 15 of that year, the first official contract was written for the manufacture of cement products and trade in building materials. After Evert Jan Lubber’s death on May 4, 1932, his eighteen-year-old son Gerrit Hendrik succeeds. On April 23, 1936, he founded a partnership with Albert Gasseling in Hengelo, under the name Hengelosche Cement Industrie en Bouwmaterialenhandel. In mid-1935, the company moved to Hummeloseweg C1, now Kruisbergseweg 13. In 1955, another branch opened in Ulft.

On June 9, 1972, the company was transformed into a private limited company. In 1981, HCI became one of approximately forty shareholders in the Netherlands in Alpha Ciboma, a building materials procurement organization. That company is now called Bouwcenter. After the war, Albert Gasseling’s sons Leo, Berty and Alfons came to work for the company, and in 1989 they handed over the management to Wim Lubbers and his brother-in-law Gerard Mantel. In the years that followed, the spaces were expanded and new showrooms and warehouses were realized. In 1999, the company expanded with a new Bouwcenter HCI branch in Zevenaar, followed in 2011 by the Elst branch and 2017 in Zutphen.

Finally agree anniversary year
The 100th anniversary was heralded in 2021 with the presentation of the new roof with all the staff, on May 22 they enjoyed a family day with performances, sports activities and good food. Techniekfestijn on June 11 is the last chord for all interested.


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