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Back to basic: Full-service offerings aimed at the private market.

Garage Frikkee has been a household name in Edam-Volendam and the surrounding area for over fifty years. Recently, the Edam department of the family business made the switch from Profile Tire Center to Vakgarage. Under the banner of the national Vakgarage concept, Frikkee faces the future with fresh enthusiasm. “Vakgarage Frikkee stands for modern services with the trust and transparency that people have come to expect from us.”

In the late 1960s, Örjan Frikkee’s parents founded the garage company. “Soon everyone in the region knew by car where they could find us,” laughs the garage director. “In the first period, the garage, the petrol station and the extraction company always sat together on Klein Westerbuiten. But over the years we said goodbye to the salvage company and the garage moved to Hamerstraat. To give the garage the opportunity to grow, we disconnected the company from the gas station. ” The upward trend started in Hamerstraat. “Although at the time as Profil Dækcenter we mainly focused on the business market and the summer and winter tire change process, we never lost sight of the maintenance work for private customers.”

Back to the starting point
Frikkee opened another location ten years ago. “Our garage in Voltastraat in Purmerend has double the size of Vakgarage in Edam. There we have room for the entire tire change, which has created space in Edam for more maintenance. And that also applies to electric cars. ” Looking to the future, Frikkee switched to the Vakgarage concept in February 2022. “Under the name Vakgarage, we are again focusing mainly on private maintenance in the broadest sense of the word, as it always has been. By going back to the basics, we are preparing for the future. Due to the popularity of electric cars, a transition in the car market can be observed. With 3% electric cars, the private market is still not that bad, but we do notice that electric cars are on the rise. Electric cars have no motor and almost no moving parts, which means less maintenance for us. Of course, maintenance work on the chassis, tires, brakes, balancing and adjustment is still important, but the engine is no longer necessary. “Frikkee is innovative:” Our garage chef has just completed his EV specialization. So now we can start establishing facilities for electric cars This includes testing of batteries, supply of charging stations and delivery of parts. ”

Our motto is:
‘reliable maintenance at a reasonable price’

Maintenance from A to Z.
Vakgarage Frikkee focuses on local maintenance for both the private and commercial markets. ,, We perform all work on cars; from APK overhaul and minor maintenance to major repairs and damage repairs. And that, of course, applies to every conceivable car brand. By joining Vakgarage we are part of a national formula. Since 1991, Vakgarage has been the largest independent car concept in the Netherlands. Each specialist workshop is affiliated with BOVAG and is RDW-approved. Together with 359 other specialist workshops, we offer a full-service range for all car brands. Our mechanics are highly trained and have all the knowledge and experience to provide any car with perfect maintenance. Our motto is: “reliable maintenance at a reasonable price”.

Vakgarage Frikkee has over the years built up an excellent reputation when it comes to transparency and reliability. “The average car owner has no idea what to expect when they take the car to the workshop for service or repair,” says Örjan. “If the telephone number of the workshop shows up, people quickly fear that it will cost a lot of money. To avoid unnecessary worries, we involve the customer in the process. We are completely transparent about this. ” In Edam Frikkee had been known for its reliability for years, the challenge lay in building the same good name in Purmerend. “We have created our own app to provide the extra service to the customer. IGarage is a digital service register where all information about your car is accessible at the touch of a button. Everything is updated automatically after a visit to the garage. It is a piece software that makes a fantastic contribution to transparency. ” The successful app has since been adopted by various workshops from home and abroad and has more than 85,000 users.

‘By default, we have between five and fifteen used cars in the middle segment in stock’

Used offer
“A trend that has significantly affected the automotive world is online orientation when looking for a new car,” says Örjan. “A showroom is now superfluous. Many cars are simply ordered online. To meet the customer’s needs, Vakgarage Frikkee will expand sales of used cars. In the past, we have always had a nice used car range in stock. As part of our new vision, we will take this up again. Divided into the departments in Purmerend and Edam, we will by default have between five and fifteen used cars in the middle segment in stock. And if we do not have the car that the customer is looking for, we will look for the desired car in our network. In this way, we can relieve the customer, and we can guarantee that a high-quality car will be delivered without hidden faults. ”

To celebrate the move to Vakgarage, Frikkee has created a great campaign for new and existing customers.

Everyone who comes to Vakgarage Frikkee for major maintenance will receive free roadside assistance throughout Europe for one year.

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