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Aardoom & de Jong is looking for an enthusiastic senior financial adviser for’s-Hertogenbosch Municipality. Are you a strategic advisor with good financial insight and do you want to use it to make the municipality greener and more sustainable? Are you enterprising and can you translate economic development from content to financing and vice versa? Do you work in partnership with both internal and external parties (companies, entrepreneurs)? So answer now!

Senior Advisor Finance (Sustainability and Economics)
‘s-Hertogenbosch, 36 hours a week

Job description
For the municipality of’s-Hertogenbosch, we are looking for a very experienced, determined professional economist in the role of senior financial adviser. You like to have municipal or state experience and fit into your enthusiastic attitude within the FMI department.

The main tasks in the position are:

  • Advice and support of the line departments in a broad sense.
  • Support and act as a sparring partner for the line and management.
  • Collaboration with external stakeholders.
  • Sparring partner for internal colleagues in economics around sustainability and economics.
  • Linking content to economics and vice versa.
  • (med) the preparation of financial sector products for the planning and control cycle; These are mainly the Sector Plan, Budget, Annual Accounts and the temporary Marap.
  • Advice and input for administrative decision-making in the economic field.
  • To know and improve processes in the line departments (efficiency and quality).

Job requirements
As a senior financial advisor, you have the following knowledge and experience:

  • You are a very experienced solid business or financial advisor.
  • Academic work and thinking level in economics, business economics and / or controlling.
  • You are analytical, determined, connecting, focused on collaboration and integrity.
  • Knowledge of economics and sustainability.
  • You can trade at an overview level.
  • Affinity with the physical domain.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of municipal finances BBV (Budget and accountability decree Municipalities and provinces).
  • Knowledge of and experience with financial information dissemination / financial packages.
  • You are compelling and able to implement change.


With its approximately 150,000 inhabitants, ‘s-Hertogenbosch is a dynamic municipality. A city where people feel at home. Loved for its distinctive cultural history, for its Burgundian liveliness. In recent decades, more and more due to its modern, dynamic and busy nature. A city with a strong identity. Also built from its function as the capital of Brabant. A meeting place par excellence. With a center function in an economically important region, a sporting and cultural image and a rich selection of companies. It is a municipality in motion with about 100,000 jobs and great demand for housing and workplaces in scarce space. The cultural profile is strengthened because the city continues to invest in the present and the historical.
Characteristic is the presence of the characteristic water of the city, Binnendieze,
Zuid-Willemsvaart, Dommel and Aa.
The city is surrounded by beautiful natural pieces, such as Bossche Broek and Gement, which provide a pleasant book climate and a green oasis in the middle of urbanity.

The Urban Development Sector’s Department of Finance, Management and Information (FMI) has the main task of developing and implementing the economic policy and management of the Urban Development Sector (SO).
They first ensure that the basics are in order. This means sound and robust financial administration that does justice to the line departments’ layout and information provision.
From there, they work with innovation of their sector and finance function, and they will provide substance to various changes in the financial field in the coming years. Further digitization of (project) administration, professionalisation of sector and department plans, implementation of tax laws and rules within the sector as well as the consequences of blockchain are examples of this. They expect that the candidate with great ambition and enthusiasm can contribute to this.
Within Urban Development, FMI also administers the municipal Land Company and a number of Common Regulations and (Public-Private) Partnerships.
Having the basics in order also means that we provide the Urban Development Sector with high-quality management information in good time.

Working conditions
‘s-Hertogenbosch Municipality offers a 12-month contract with the aim of transforming the contract into an indefinite period, if it works properly and fully. This is a full-time position (minimum 36 hours per week). In addition to a package of excellent primary (maximum € 6,103 gross per month – scale 12) and secondary employment, you will have the opportunity to work and grow in a professional department. You also get:

  • Working in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is’ quite special and very free’.
  • Opportunity to work several hours a week to save time off.
  • Good opportunities to work independently of place and time.
  • A freely available budget of 17.05% (composed of holiday pay, extra statutory leave and year-end bonus) of your salary.
  • Do you come to work by public transport? Then you get a reimbursement of 80% of the cost.
  • An iPhone.
  • Affiliation with ABP option pension fund.

In the recruitment and selection process,’s-Hertogenbosch Municipality is assisted by the agency Aardoom & de Jong. A reference check and diploma check are part of this procedure, an assessment can also be part of this. You can apply via the application form on Aardoom & de Jong’s website.

We would like to see your answer, including cover letter and CV, as soon as possible no later than 15 June 2022 towards.

Liesbeth Bekkema: 06 5575 0615 |

Acquisitions are not valued.

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