Juniper Networks focuses on the security market

Juniper Networks has grown by supplying products to customers in the telecommunications market. However, it is undergoing a transformation and is slowly but surely becoming a party where large businesses and organizations can also go for a complete network.

Juniper is originally known for its switches and routing products. In that segment, you will find products of this brand at well-known telecommunications providers, large companies and the public sector, but also the well-known hyperscalers such as Amazon AWS and Google are customers.

Juniper’s office in Schiphol-Rijk.

Steven Blees of Juniper explained the development of the company earlier this week and said that the company has so far achieved almost as much sales from the three markets in which it operates: cloud, telecom and enterprise. That this is changing is seen in the figures: The latter market has now become the largest segment.

Reverse takeover

In recent years, Juniper has acquired a number of companies, including the innovative Wi-Fi access point manufacturer Mist and the session-based routing specialist 128 Technologies. Mist was co-founded by Bob Friday. It’s the man behind Airespace, one of the first companies to bring Wi-Fi to market and which was acquired by Cisco in 2005.

The AI ​​technology behind Mist’s Wi-Fi products is increasingly found in Juniper.

One could call the acquisition of Mist a ‘reverse takeover’ according to Blees. This company’s products, like many other modern business Wi-Fi products, do not use hardware controllers but are controlled from the cloud. Mist has comprehensive AI features that allow administrators to keep track of things and ensure network performance and bug fixes. Although the Mist sauce is now used everywhere, the JunOS operating system remains central, although the brand also offers various whitebox options for its infrastructure products.

Mist’s ideas are increasingly permeating Jupiner’s products, which means that other equipment can also be controlled in this way. This is reflected in Juniper’s current philosophy. Where ‘self-driving networks’ used to be central, people now talk about ‘experience networks first’. Blees: “The uptime of your network can be great, but if users subsequently have a bad experience, it does not help”

With Mist’s AI technology, the company manages to convince large customers. The American Walmart, for example, replaces 250,000 access points with these products, and Amazon uses them in its department stores.

Juniper’s office in Schiphol-Rijk.

Focus on safety

Where until a few years ago Juniper Networks was still a manufacturer that was only encountered at the core of the network, you can see that, among other things, due to the purchase of Mist and 128, it is developing into a company that can offer a total solution, from access point to security and everything in between.

The security side of Juniper is still somewhat unclear.

At Juniper, you will find SRX firewalls in the security portfolio, but it is not necessarily the product the company is best known for. Although it can make smart combinations with its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), you can immediately see in the image below that the solution the company offers can be improved. It seems messy and is clearly in transition. Blees and Juniper’s safety specialist Erik van Harten says that Juniper focuses on this and that safety is an important spearhead. Clearly, the ease of use, insight and smart management of Mist will also be a part of this. Can Juniper simplify this by making it more transparent or by making another acquisition? Time will tell.

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