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After a two-year absence, Radboud Rocks returned with a full program. Outahead gave the first performance, Tim Hofman spoke on social security and student welfare, and the roof went off at The Dean and Loco Loco Disco Show. The last acts of the evening are now over. Vox kept a live blog all day. Read it back here.

23:10: live blog closed

And starting with the afterparty, the live blog also closes. Love the social Vox keep an eye out: Tomorrow comes a photo series of Radboud Rocks.

23:05: on to after

That was it for this year. While there had been silence around the Berchmanianum for some time, the last hour and a half on Pieter Bondamplein was played hard with music from the DJ team Herrie with Gerrie. But it is also over, so most partygoers travel home or to the city center. Still, a party is still going on on campus: The after-party for Radboud University’s birthday party starts inside the Cultuurcafé. You can dance there until

Quiet disco in the Berchmanianum. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

21:40: Singing out of tune at a quiet disco

In a hall in the Berchmanianum it was possible to sing in unison from kl. 19.00 at the quiet disco, organized by the International Student Organization Nijmegen (ISON). Put on your headphones and go – if you did not like the music, you could change the channel. The event was popular with students queuing for headphones almost all evening. Not only was the music entertaining though. If you took the device off your ears, you could hear a full hall singing nicely and out of tune. The small minus of the evening: the bar outside the square closed at 21.40 because the drink had run out. Visitors had to go to Pieter Bondamplein for their refreshments.

21:05: party as usual at Loco Loco Disco show

Samba balls, flags, crowdsurfing, Christmas hats and mega bubble guns: nothing is too crazy at the Loco Loco Disco show. The men from the party formation, who have been fixtures in the Radboud Rocks program for years, make it, as usual, one big party gang. Singing, hardstyle, Christmas music, hip hop, it does not matter: The audience present has now thawed completely, and both young and old are shouting along. The hands go high in the air – a few even lift the crutches. Student-style play is played among the audience with ping pong balls: If you get one in your glass of beer, it should be drunk in one gulp.

Loco Loco disco show. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

20.15: Student Floris enjoyed performing with the Dean

The dean and De Makelaar leave the stage to loud applause. The rapper’s last song proved to be a big hit among the public. Student Floris laughs when asked how he liked his performance. “Yeah, it obviously looked good,” he says confused. What will he do with the toy dinosaur he got from the duo? ‘I do not know. I think, throw away. ‘ Loco Loco Discoshow has already started on the main stage.

19:35: The dean takes the stage

Loud cheers as Daan Boom, better known by his stage name The Dean, enters the stage alongside DJ De Makelaar. Together with Tim Hofman, he is the big name at Radboud Rocks this year. The sound goes up a step and a tightly packed Pieter Bondamplein is immediately treated to a few hits. Initially Crab crab no shame, a parody song about why one should not be ashamed of his eczema. After half an hour, student Floris is pulled out of the audience and put on stage to rap along. No wrong choice: Theology students actually know every line of text.

The Dean at Radboud Rocks. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

18:30: noon!

Dinner time has arrived. Rows of hungry students and staff are now formed at the various food trucks in front of the Berchmanianum. French fries, pasta, falafel: something for everyone. Those who are not (yet) hungry can dance with DJ Puck on the main stage, where a few hundred people swing. Meanwhile, The Dean and his DJ De Makelaar have been spotted on campus. They take the stage in front of Cultuurcaféen at 7.30 pm.

Queues for food trucks. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

16.45: classics and community singing at pub quiz

Who is the biggest music connoisseur? That question is central to the pub quiz with Wipneus & Pim. Groups compete for the coveted first prize: the George Cup. From classic hits from ABBA and The Beatles to songs such as There is a horse in the hallway and Brabant† Of course tunes from TV series like friends and pokemon not missing. There is also carnival music – including polonaise. The hands go up and there is lots of dancing: the atmosphere is good. That participating is more important than winning is also evident from the score. It is not entirely clear how it came about, but at least the party duo eagerly throws in points: ‘A thousand points for those who sing the loudest!’, It sounds several times.

There is plenty of dancing during the pub quiz. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

16.11: You can see Feyenoord in the café The Yard

Just under five hours and then Feyenoord will play the final in the Europa Conference League against AS Roma. And no, the competition will not be shown on the big screen at the festival site on campus. But true fans do not have to miss the show, they can visit the café The Yard in Radboud Sportscenter. The fight can be followed there, says Dionne Aldus on behalf of the organization.

15.10: students excited about questions and answers

The students in the square are excited about the question and answer and the interview with Tim Hofman. Lize van Dongen, Inge Tielrooy and Judith Paus were the first in line to take a selfie with the presenter afterwards. ‘He was very nice,’ says Van Dongen. And the talk was cozy and open. A little negative, but you get it with these themes. ‘ Yes, Pope thinks too, but: ‘He was still able to discuss heavily loaded topics in a nice way.’ Hofman spoke, among other things, about mental health and diversity.

14.55: ‘Send e-mail to principal, all that he will bring order to the code of conduct.’

To a question about the lack of a code of conduct at Radboud University, Tim Hofman answers that he encourages all students present to send an email to the principal on Friday with the request to bring order to the code of conduct. This code of conduct has been discussed in employee representation for several months. The draft version has been widely criticized. The Executive Board hopes that the University’s Joint Assembly will approve the Code of Conduct in July.

14.15: Q&A with Tim Hofman starts

Tim Hofman, today’s headliner, started his Q&A on student well-being fifteen minutes ago. Pieter Bondamplein is full of the presenter, who recently condemned the assaults on the TV show The Voice with his Youtube program Boos. The interview will be led by diversity and inclusion expert Lema Salah from Radboud University. The themes of the questions range from the use of social media and mental well-being to diversity and intersectionality.

Tim Hofman in conversation about student welfare. Next to him, moderator Lema Salah. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

13.30: free coins go fast

“I bet you look good on the dancefloor”, is the cover of Arctic Monkeys in the version of Outahead on Pieter Bondamplein, where there is no dance floor. There are already some people at the standing tables. Radboud Rocks is also slowly coming to life around the Berchmanianum. Student organizations build their activities. An obstacle course at Keizerstad Kannibalz Lacrosse Association, basketball ball pong at the student basketball association Skunk or games at AKKU. The major attraction in this area is the booth, where the first 500 students can pick up two tokens for free. As long as stocks last – and it’s going strong. Math students Koen and Floris have received their coins. ‘We will first see Tim Hofman, then go home to meet a deadline and then return to, among other places, the Loco Loco Disco Show,’ says Koen. No alcohol in the first visit for the duo. ‘No, otherwise that deadline does not apply and we do not understand anything about Tim Hofman.’

Math students Koen and Floris have received the free coins. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

12.35: 10 cents per drink goes to Ukraine

If you order a beer or a coke today at Radboud Rocks bar, you automatically donate to Ukraine. 10 cents of each ordered drink goes to the victims of the war. ‘We do it via Giro555’, says Dionne Aldus on behalf of the organization. That idea got students from the ravaged country themselves. They said they wholeheartedly support Radboud University’s party, but they also wanted to continue to draw attention to the war.

The signs have yet to be hung up. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

11.24: room for 3000 guests

How many visitors come to Radboud University’s birthday party? ‘Well,’ says Dionne Aldus on behalf of the organization, ‘you never know.’ The preparations were based on a figure of 3,000, because that was also the case in other years. But the last Radboud Rocks dates from 2019, the two editions thereafter were canceled due to corona. It remains to be seen how many students and staff will come to the new style festival. For the first time, the lawn and forecourt at the Berchmanianum are involved in Radboud Rocks. There are terraces, food trucks and student organizations providing activities.

The terrace at the Berchmianum is ready. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

10.30: Student band Outahead gets ready

The indie rockers from Outahead have the honor of opening Radboud Rocks this afternoon on Pieter Bondamplein. Singer Pim Daniëls, bassist Daan van Boxtel, guitarist Marcel van Gemert and drummer Thijs Scholten are already busy moving drums, guitars and other musical attributes. Their opening show starts at 1 p.m.

‘Exciting,’ says Daan van Boxtel, who is studying law at Radboud University. ‘As a band, we only started performing after the corona. It will be our first festival. ‘ In addition, it is a good warm-up for tomorrow, when Outahead is in the final in Roos van Nijmegen, the competition for musical talents from Nijmegen in Doornroosje. Pim, Daan and Marcel know each other from high school in Wijchen.

Is it getting busy? ‘Tim Hofman is coming right after us,’ says Pim. “Who knows, it may be stuffed eventually.”

Outahead is getting ready for the opening show. Photo: Johannes Fiebig

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