ServiceNow: “Partners play an important role in our growth strategy”

ServiceNow has the ambition to become ‘the platform of all platforms’. Although ServiceNow itself sticks to the marketing of its solutions, there is also plenty of room for partners. “Together, we try to bring a lot of value to the customer in every possible way,” said Lara Caimi from ServiceNow in an interview with Dutch IT Channel.

Businesses can accelerate their digital transition with ServiceNow. While many software vendors often offer different separate solutions for this, the software specialist provides a complete platform. This platform combines all the different products and services that ServiceNow provides in the field of workflow automation and related solutions that help companies shape, execute and monitor their digital transition.

Think about optimizing workflows for employees, for HR departments, but also performing business intelligence and processing, automating repetitive manual tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI and machine learning technology. ServiceNow also offers a low-code platform with which everyone, regardless of knowledge level, can develop and maintain applications and services themselves.

Bill McDermott

If it stands to CEO Bill McDermott, until three years ago CEO of ERP and cloud giant SAP, ServiceNow is today’s platform for digital transformation. During the recent Knowledge 2022 event in The Hague, the energetic and distinctive CEO even stated that companies that do not use the platform will never make a digital transition. The software specialist therefore wants to provide its customers with complete end-to-end solutions and even sees itself as the standard for IT in that area.

Specifically, ServiceNow focuses on a number of areas. First, the platform must provide customers with the best experiences for a fast and hassle-free digital transition. It’s all about ‘customer experience’. Employees must also have the right, automated solutions for this so that they become more productive; the ’employee experience’.

ServiceNow also wants to offer the right technological solutions for this. The IT specialist calls this ‘technological excellence’. Finally, an increasingly emerging element in the world of process and workflow automation, so-called ‘creators’, regardless of experience, should be able to develop applications and services for the platform themselves.

Bill McDermott points out that for him, these areas are the top priorities for the coming period. Also when it comes to further developing the platform. “Our history is to revolutionize workflow automation. In doing so, we must, as far as possible, maintain the value of past investments while developing new ones. †

Integrations with other platforms

The integration of other suppliers is also important. “We now integrate with approximately 650 of the largest IT platforms available. These platforms have value for customers and we do not want to disrupt it.

However, customers want an overall ‘hyper-automation’ layer that ultimately automates all processes on these platforms. And we deliver that layer or platform. Integrating these platforms under ServiceNow helps with that. Our platform must become ‘the platform for all platforms’ “, McDermott continues.

Partners important

For ServiceNow, (channel) partners are also important for the growth strategy, says Chief Customer and Partner Officer for the software specialist. “Partners account for 90 percent of the implementations at the companies. They visit the companies that we do not normally visit, and that way we can market the platform even more. Partners also often have a lot of knowledge about the customers, which we also lack. We can then benefit from this through our partners. ”

The most important partners are consulting companies and integrators such as Accenture, Deloitte, DXC, EY, IBM and KPMG. But the regional (channel) partners and service providers are also increasingly important for ServiceNow. “They have different areas of expertise to help us implement our platform for more specific purposes. They use our platform for the segments that fall outside our core strategy. This allows us to reach even more market segments.”

Partner strategy

For partners, ServiceNow has a ‘co-sales’ strategy. The software specialist sells most of the licenses himself, but also some with his partners. The (channel) partners themselves sell a small portion to the customers. “Here too, collaboration with partners is important again,” continues Lara Caimi. “Partners account for about 20 percent of our sales. But if we look more broadly, they affected about 90 percent of our sales. “

“In addition to selling the licenses, our partners also deliver other value to their customers with their services. Implementing our platform, associated change management and reinventing customers’ customer processes is what they can deliver. Co-selling is therefore very important. ”

Education and certifications

Another part of the partner strategy is ‘co-deliver’. Implementing the ServiceNow platform is often a complicated process, and partners often lack the right knowledge. A good knowledge of the platform is very important because partners help their customers grow and thus give them the opportunity to get through the good digital transition.

“We give our partners the right training and certifications for this, so partners really understand our platform. Then they know what they are doing for their customers and thus make implementations succeed at once. It’s good for our partners, for ourselves and for our customers. A win-win-win situation. “

“We have the Now Learning program for these trainings and certifications. This is free or at a discount for partners. We want to expand it with what we internally call our Market for Talent initiative. With this we want to grow as many ServiceNow certified Especially as we see that there will be approximately 250,000 jobs for ServiecNow-certified staff by 2025. In addition, we are also developing ‘out-of-the-box’ training courses so that partners can deliver this directly to their employees outside very inconvenient. ”


In addition to co-sell and co-deliver, ServiceNow is also happy to work with partners to develop its own solutions and especially use cases for new market segments. ServiceNow calls this ‘co-create’. Precisely because partners, often the regional partners, are well aware of what exactly is going on in certain market segments and what exactly companies need. “Partners are well aware of what is going on in their market segments and can therefore more easily develop use cases. We therefore give them space to develop solutions for ServiceNow in these segments. We can make these available later through our app store. “

“Ultimately, we help both partners and ServiceNow in this way to co-sell, co-deliver and today co-create customers to get the most out of their implementations of our platform. That’s what it’s all about in the end, ”concludes Lara Caimi.

By: Floris Hulshoff Pol

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