Rob Tung speaks at Sharp’s first Future of Workplace event

30 May 2022, Utrecht – On Thursday 19 May, Rob Tung, President of Sharp Electronics Europe, spoke at Sharp’s first Future of Workplace event. During this event, direct connections were established with all European countries at the same time. Rob Tung expressed his vision for Sharp’s future.

Hybrid works
Our lives have changed in many ways over the last two years. In a short time we had to adapt our way of working. “The power of technology has made hybrid work possible, the pandemic has made it necessary, and its positive impact on work-life balance has made it permanent. Now is the time to seize the business opportunities that hybrid work has brought. It’s time to do our companies future-proof!

Work externally more productively
Several things have an impact on future developments, such as corporate cultures and perspectives and new technologies. The challenge is to find out what exactly these new influences mean for the organization’s needs.

Our survey showed that more than half of workers under the age of 30 believe that teleworking makes them more productive, and 63% of respondents agree that technology enables them to work more efficiently outside the office.

Businesses today face many challenges: finding the right people, anticipating the latest technological trends, and meeting market demands. To do this, they need partners they can trust, who offer a wide range of quality products and services, and who are also innovative and visionary.

To help companies with their challenges, we at Sharp have changed our offer and approach. We no longer focus exclusively on products, but offer an integrated ecosystem of products and services. For example, we want to add value to our customers by going beyond printer and display products and expanding our offering with various IT services.

Sharp aims to help companies adapt to the workplace of the future
We want to help companies and organizations by making office printers secure document hubs, presentation screens for collaboration services and taking responsibility for their information and technology infrastructure. Our focus is to help companies increase their performance and adapt to the workplace of the future.

Thanks to the Dynabook acquisition, we now have an award-winning selection of laptops in our range, which is ideally suited for the hybrid workplace. Other innovative and future-oriented solutions, such as the DynaEdge assisted reality solution, are now also part of our offer.

Sharp as an IT service provider
The acquisition of two IT service companies, Complete IT in the UK and IT Point in Switzerland, has made Sharp a credible IT service provider across Europe. In addition, the investment in our European technology support center in Poland ensures that we can now guarantee 5 languages ​​and 24/7 IT coverage for our customers.

Finally, our joint venture with NEC, which created Sharp NEC Display Solutions, represents a 500% increase in our display business in Europe with the most complete product range ever.

Corporate responsibility
We are also building Sharp’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and setting key targets to be achieved by 2050 in the areas of climate change, resource recycling and security (Eco Vision 2050).

About Sharp Electronics Benelux BV
Sharp Electronics Benelux BV gives small to large companies and organizations the opportunity to improve performance and adapt to the workplace of the future with a variety of business technology products and services.

Sharp Electronics Benelux BV – headquartered in Utrecht – serves customers in the private and public sectors, education and government with a portfolio ranging from printers, touchscreens and presentation screens to collaboration platforms and IT services.

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