From Centralpoint to Dustin: “Win as a Team”

The same. But better. ‘ In other words: the combination of Centralpoint, Vincere Groep and Dustin under the Dustin brand offers the same products and services, but for more segments and in a greater diversity. That was the message to, among others, technology and distribution partners in what is now called Dustin in the Netherlands, during the Dustin Launch event earlier this month. “We want to win as a team, celebrate successes together. Not only internally, but also with our partners.”

Everyone from the current Dustin Nederland is happy with the integration of Centralpoint and Vincere Groep with Dustin in one name and one brand with one team and one culture behind it. It provides a lot of clarity to the market, it combines knowledge and talent to further develop existing markets and grow faster in relatively unexplored markets. This has already been worked on since the acquisition of Centralpoint, and it is now taking on a new dimension.

On Monday 23 May, the campaign started on radio, internet and DOOH on how and why the name change from Centralpoint to Dustin, said marketing director Marcel Joosten (photo) during the launch in Zeist: Same, same. But better.

European IT Power Center

“We emphasize that we not only ‘wear products’, but also all kinds of services around them to relieve customers, and a broad portfolio of managed services. For example, we are building a European IT powerhouse where we can better serve customers by joining forces. We are now launching Dustin as a brand, but we are also working hard to better align our ways of working, so we offer the customer a clear and simple customer journey, based on common standards and values.

According to Joosten, the need for a reliable IT partner is great. “We therefore call ourselves a future IT-documented partner. Centralpoint becomes Dustin, same partner but more powerful: Same same. But better. The first phase of the campaign lasts six to eight weeks, from 1 September we start with phase 2, where we also start the new financial year.

Benefits of one brand

In an interview at the launch event, Dustin’s CEO Thomas Ekman spoke about the benefits that the combination of Centralpoint, Vincere and Dustin should bring to customers, about the route to the market for new services and the expansion of the opportunities that the combination offers. . These plans were discussed in more detail during several presentations. We highlight a few:


LCP market

  • The majority of Centralpoint’s business in this market was focused on the public market, 15 percent large and corporate. Dustin will add value to this with new services around its volume business.
  • In Belgium, Dustin wants to further increase annual revenue growth by 30 percent. The Belgian team is expanded monthly with new employees.
  • Dustin will provide a lot of gas in the large & corporate segment in the coming period, because the company has not yet realized its ‘fair share’ here.
  • Furthermore, Dustin will increase the share of managed services in revenue from the public and business markets because it leads to better customer loyalty and a better margin. The new Dustin can benefit from the combination of Vincere’s service portfolio and Centralpoint’s large sales team. By focusing more on services, Dustin also wants to become more relevant to (potential) customers in this segment.

The SME market

The Dutch SME market looks very different for the new Dustin, here there are still many growth opportunities. In recent years, Dustin has provided ample evidence – in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – and now in the Benelux to have great success with this. The company now has the critical mass to this with bundling of three parties. There are many more options in the online hardware section of the Dustin services. Dustin can now become much more of a one-stop-shop for SMBs.

Unique to Dustin’s Benelux market is the combination of Centralpoint and Vincere. With their focus on services related to hardware, Dustin together with the teams in the Nordic region can make a difference in SMEs by introducing the best and most accessible service portfolio in the Benelux in areas such as management and security.

Managed services and online

Managed services are an important pillar of growth in the vertical field – from public and large companies to SMEs. In addition, Dustin’s growing international presence provides opportunities to serve customers in the business market. For example, Dustin draws on the expertise of his webshop, which has been in existence since 1995, the former Centralpoint and Vincere’s one-on-one relationships with many of their customers.

Business development team

An enterprise development team has been set up to develop new proposals for the various market segments. This team has to set up a kind of coat rack for the whole of Dustin, on which all products and services are hung up. The service and solution portfolio becomes more and more complete as the organizations that now fall under Dustin learn to operate more as one team and from one brand. Solutions that are affordable, scalable and always work. Dustin also does this by standardizing its portfolio – hardware, software, managed services – to provide better customization as a standard service.

Challenges the labor market

Like any IT organization, Dustin also has challenges in the job market, but also opportunities to be an attractive employer.

  • On the one hand, the organization’s scale provides opportunities for vertical and horizontal growth opportunities. With this, Dustin offers existing employees new opportunities and makes the company attractive to new talents. In addition, Dustin is increasingly working with attractive, leading customers and partners.
  • Dustin offers new training opportunities, such as C-traineeships for young potentials, where young talents follow the C-level in the organization, with a job guarantee.
  • Finally, strategic core values ​​- such as sustainability, equality and a good work-life balance – that Dustin promotes and puts into practice, are seen as a good employer for both current and new employees.

‘Win as a team’

Dustin also promotes a lot of ‘wind as a team’. Working together, celebrating successes together. Not only with our own people, but also with suppliers and distribution partners, ”says Joosten. “Also considering the level of these collaborations with partners, I think we have a really unique position in the market. Together, we can achieve much in the ecosystem in which we operate and increase our relevance. We can achieve much more through our growth pillars, precisely in further collaboration with technology and distribution partners, by building and expanding our vertical propositions. ”


Sustainability and equality, two important pillars of Dustin. The challenge here is to make it not just a beautiful story. Everyone has beautiful videos and stories. At Dustin, sustainability is really one of the strategic themes, where the company also develops propositions so that customers can get started with sustainability in their IT.

From the Nordic countries, Dustin has a strong focus on internal sustainability and the organization places demands on the supply chain. In the Benelux, Dustin has mainly started working on this theme based on customer needs. Partly as part of tender requirements, but also from customer interviews.

By combining the internal focus and the needs of the customers, Dustin wants to create an offer in the Benelux that really helps the customers. An example is the CO2 footprint calculator developed with a UK organization. This can map in detail an organization’s CO2 footprint, linked to their IT infrastructure.

Dustin will now offer this solution to end users. For it is clear: you can only do something concrete with sustainability if you know what your footprint is. Dustin uses tools such as the CO2 footprint calculator to offer a package and products and services around it to help customers reduce their structural footprint.

spread a message

Dustin will in the near future spread all these conditions in word and image, Joosten concludes. To this end, the marcom organization has 80 professionals in six countries.

“With this, we ensure that we spread a unique message in all countries, which is tailored to the individual market. On the one hand, we work with Belgians in Belgium and Dutch in the Netherlands, but we also work together internationally. We do this through our digital-first approach, where, for example, people from the Netherlands manage employees in other countries in their teams. On the one hand, we are translating the Dustin strategy into the Benelux markets. On the other hand, we are a little more headstrong in the Netherlands, we do things differently here and translate it into the company’s organization. ”

By: Martijn Kregting

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