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Nedinsco i Venlo is, among other things, active in the defense industry and has made a name for itself as a specialist in camera systems for military vehicles and vessels, such as day and night vision equipment, optical sensor platforms and alignment equipment. The demand for the optical solutions that the company has developed for this sector is now also increasing in other markets such as semiconductors and security and safety. An important USP for Nedinsco is that the company is able to combine knowledge of mechatronics with optical knowledge. ‘In addition, we have all the facilities in-house to provide customers with complete systems.’

Nedinsco wants to grow across the board in the coming years

Who wants knowledge and skills Nedinsco further rollout in other markets besides defense in the near future. The company has been active in the semiconductor industry for some time and will now focus on sectors such as transportation, safety & security, oil & gas and mining. “An optical solution must also always work there, something we are really good at, thanks in part to our experience in the defense sector. I see great potential in the new markets’, says Michael Vossen, since 1 January as sales manager at Nedinsco with responsibility for the Semicon and Industrial market. Even today, the semiconductor industry accounts for a large share of revenue, an industry in which Nedinsco has a long history. For example, the company has previously worked for ASML and is therefore fully equipped to serve customers in this sector

operate. With its own clean room for assembly and optical assembly department with flow cabinets and other facilities for working ESD-safe, Nedinsco is ready for the future. ‘All processing takes place here under one roof: from turning and milling of raw material to surface treatment and specialist assembly of opto-mechatronic modules.’

Michael Vossen

Valuable knowledge
In the case of the semiconon, one can think of opto-mechatronic modules, such as one beam delivery system, which creates the light source in an extreme UV chip making machine. To be for security and safety pans and tilt (turn and tilt) systems are interesting again. ‘You see this application on coastguard boats and tanks, but now also on the more expensive camera safety system that can track movement and temperature. Over the years, we have gained a lot of valuable knowledge with this, and these systems naturally meet the high demands of the defense. The application possibilities for the other markets are of course not as extreme as when the vision system is mounted next to the barrel of a tank, but there are certain interfaces within shock resistance, weather resistance and stabilization of vision systems. ‘

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High demands
Another application relates data capture road systems: a 360-degree camera system on cars to map everything from overhanging branches on high-voltage cables to road condition and waste detection. ‘With such systems, it is important that they robust are resistant to wind and weather ‘, says Vossen. Quality is therefore an important core value at Nedinsco. “We also use the quality requirements we must meet for the defense in our products and solutions for other markets. Our quality service ensures that an optimal product is sent out and that systems are qualified. It makes us strong and a real partner in our market. ‘

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further development
With a view to the future, Vossen expects Nedinsco to enter the market with its own standardized 360-degree vision system. As elsewhere, software and electronics will play a key role. ‘In the coming years, we will continue to develop in this area to continue to play at a high level. Therefore, we will apply our defense innovations more widely in other markets and vice versa. ‘ Vossen ends with an invitation. ‘Customers can always contact us with an idea or challenge, together we look for the best vision solution in the most difficult circumstances.’

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