Startups raise record amounts in first quarter

More than 800 million euros for start-ups in the first quarter

Dutch startups raised a record amount of EUR 881 million in growth capital in the first quarter of 2022. That is 60 million euros more than in the first quarter of 2021. It appears from studies from, among others, Dealroom, Golden Egg Check and Techleap.

However, it is less than the 1.25 billion euros that the financial services provider Ebitwise screened with last month. Dealroom, Golden Egg Check and Techleap, on the other hand, are seen as more reliable sources. Why it took so long for them to come up with their first quarterly figures is unclear.

What is certain is that the war in Ukraine, the ailing exchange rate on the Nasdaq and rising inflation – issues that also played a role in the first quarter – have not yet slowed down investment growth. In the first quarter of the year, 123 trades were concluded, compared to 89 trades in the first quarter of 2021. Last year, a record amount of 5.3 billion euros was invested in Dutch startups. Researchers expect records to be broken again this year and therefore see no signs of cooling.

2.3 million to profitable Peerby

Startup Peerby raises 2.3 million euros from investors and is profitable for the first time. It informs the platform to share things in a press release. The round is led by the Toronto-based technology and power fund Loyal. Shamrock Ventures and other existing shareholders also co-finance.

Peerby owes its profitability to the introduction of a paid subscription to users. As a result, revenue increased by 222 percent last year and by 200 percent in 2020, writes Peerby. With the growth money, the company wants to scale up harder in Dutch cities and internationalize further this year or next year. Peerby is already active in Belgium in addition to the Netherlands.

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Acquired Satellite Startup Hiber

Satellite startup Hiber has been acquired by Swiss peer Astrocast. It tells founder and shareholder Laurens Groenendijk in a message on LinkedIn. Hiber provides small satellites to get internet connection in places where you do not have a mobile or WiFi connection. “I am very excited about this amazing move and I consider it a unique reward for all the hard work that everyone at Hiber has put in through all these years,” writes Groenendijk, who left the company two years ago.

Astrocast has scheduled an IPO later this year. Groenendijk writes that he, together with the current shareholders, will invest 10.5 million euros in this exercise. Hiber was in the MT / Sprouts Challenger50 last year.

4. Tone (s) for Rotterdam golf startup

The company reservation page for golf courses Zest.Golf raises an investment of ‘100,000 to 500,000 euros’ from the Dutch Sport Tech Fund. It announces both parties in a press release. Sportfonds Dutch Sport Tech Fund was founded last year by former AZ football player Mark Snijders.

Startup Zest.Golf will use the money to ‘accelerate its growth and further develop the platform’. The Rotterdam company was founded in 2018 by Oliver Dury and Jo Maes. They found that less than 5 percent of all golf matches and rounds were booked online and saw an opportunity. The company already claims to be active in most European countries.

5. Still no lawsuit

We wrote on Monday that the travel site and its cooperation committee would appear in the Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, now that it appears that the matter has been settled. The Cooperation Council and the company have reached an agreement, writes Financieele Dagblad.

It is still unclear what exactly the case was about. It would have something to do with a reorganization, even if there would be no layoffs. The case took place in the department ‘content agency‘, the department of Booking, which places images and texts on the website.

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6. Startup DeNoize raises 1.1 million euros

Delft startup DeNoize raised 1.1 million euros from investors last week, reports the business magazine Quote. The growth money comes from the British investor IQ Capital and more angels† He can not share with the magazine what percentage of his company the Indian founder Aman Jindal might give away. It would be about ‘founder-friendly percentages’.

DeNoize developed and patented a noise reduction technique that allows windows to be soundproofed. The product creates a ‘counter noise’ that neutralizes noise from outside. DeNoize already has a first pilot has to deal with Schiphol Airport, which has noise pollution as one of its major problems. A new one pilot is planned and Jindal is currently in the US to find out if he should enter that market.

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7. And then this: four new star restaurants

Still smart after all the corona lockdowns: Holland is adding four new restaurants this year with a coveted Michelin star. It tells the French organization in a blog post. Our country now has 117 star restaurants. Together, they account for 142 stars. Last year, we still had 113 star restaurants to hand out 135 stars.

Gourmets can visit De Librije in Zwolle or Inter Scaldes from Kruiningen. Like last year, it is the only two Dutch restaurants with three stars. 21 restaurants have two stars and 94 have one.

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