a EuroCollege MBO diploma stands for success!

By providing an excellent balance between theory and Learn by doing we prepare our students for business and a successful future.

The road to success
EuroCollege is different. Every day our students are at school from 9.30 to at least 17.00. We are not aware of cancellations and an agreement is an agreement. Our teachers and staff know everyone personally. That way, we can offer customization through intensive coaching, clear rules and structure. Day in and day out, our motivated students work together on real projects with real deadlines and real customers. In addition, our internship periods provide the opportunity to apply the learned knowledge in practice, also abroad.

EuroCollege courses are tougher than at other schools. This is because our rates are accelerating. For example, our students obtain an MBO diploma within two years on average. In addition, it is possible to transfer to HBO in one year.

Choose between two interesting MBO courses

1. Events & Hotel Management

2. International Business & Sales

1. Events & Hotel Management

In the accelerated and supervised Event & Hotel Management course, our students learn all about the world of hotels, restaurants and events. From organizing a concert to overseeing the reception; after this training the world lies at their feet. As with all our courses, we work with clear rules and structure and our students receive intensive coaching. In addition to school work, our students also do internships at a hotel and at a company that arranges events.


In addition to general courses such as management & organization, business plan, communication, business administration and different languages, we also offer courses on everything to do with hotels, restaurants and events. Think hotel management, event logistics, event planning, event organization, restaurant & business, hotel operations and management, recreation & animation and hospitality.

2. International Business & Sales

In this accelerated and supervised training, our students are introduced to a world of business, trade, sales and entrepreneurship. A challenging study with two main directions: export and entrepreneurship. Once again, in addition to knowledge and skills, we also work with our students’ mentality and (self) discipline. In addition, with this study, it is also possible to obtain an MBO level 4+ diploma within two years. Then it is very easy to get on to a higher education.

The subjects

In addition to general subjects such as management & organization, business administration, communication and various languages, our students learn everything that has to do with international business and sales. Think trade, internationalization, import and export, management, internet and content marketing, intercultural communication, financial management, logistics and business etiquette.

Career: after training
After training, the possibilities are endless. There is a great demand for global citizens with a good education. For example, our graduates start working as entrepreneurs, import or export manager, sales manager, marketing manager or account manager. It is also possible to start further education. Our HBO program International Business & Entrepreneurship fits this perfectly!

The student speaks

Tim van Drie, International Business & Sales student: “The structure and discipline at EuroCollege is obviously a little different than at a normal school. For example, you must have participated in at least 75% of the teaching, otherwise you must not take the exam. In addition, you should come to school every Thursday in a suit so you can get used to the business etiquette. The classes are quite small: mine consists of 14 people. The great thing about this is that the teacher can give everyone adequate attention. Of course, such a small class is also fun! ”.

Are you curious about whether your child is attending EuroCollege? You are most welcome to taste the atmosphere during one of our open days. Our students are ready to answer all your questions and share their experiences with you and your child. Of course, teachers and staff will also be present to discuss the options with you.

Until then!

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